Let’s Get Real About The Gulf Oil Facts

by Jayne D. Frank

No one wants to look at the facts about this tragic disaster.  If you really analyze the facts, you cannot place 100% blame on BP because:

1.  BP was drilling in deep water because the Government will not permit drilling in closer waters, thereby raising the risk of accidents.

2.  BP was drilling in Federal waters, regulated by the Federal Government, with Permits given by the Federal Government.  The Fed agencies had the responsibility also to see that BP was complying in every way with the permits given.

3.  President Obama went into the White House meeting with  BP Management and said, as reported today, “Either you put up the $20 billion in an escrow account to pay for damages, or I will take it from you.”  If this is true, this is entirely unconstitutional as the Government does not have this authority.  BP had already decided to allocate the $20 billion, but the Government wanted it to look like it was their idea.  The American public is not stupid and we are also keenly aware that the Federal Government has no track record of not touching money that should be set aside (i.e., the social security trust fund) and that they will indeed divert these funds for their own agenda items such as health care implementation.  Who is going to be watching the “watchers?”

4.  If you paid any attention to what BP said yesterday, they did not put $20 billion cash into a fund; $5 billion up front, secured by assets, with $5 payment each year thereafter.

5.   The Government continues not to waive the Jones law and get more vessels to help; yesterday, several barges that the Governor had employed to vacuum oil out of the Gulf were completely stopped in their work for several hours because the  Government wanted to check whether life vests and fire extinguishers were onboard.

6.   The 6-month moratorium of any offshore drilling is potentially more devastating to the Gulf region and other parts of the U.S. than anything BP could have done because of the loss of jobs caused by oil companies potentially leaving and drilling off other countries which are more business friendly.

Every one needs to step back and look at the facts and not get pulled into the understandable emotionalism that the oil spill brought about.

2 Responses

  1. Why don’t people step back and see who the real dirty culprit is in this horrible mess? It’s not BP, it’s Obama and his cohorts. And how coincidental it that this oil rig blew up at the time that cap and tax kept being voted down. Because for once part of Obama’s agenda was not being rammed through this rig blew up and played right into his hands. Now he can ruin America some more and I just expect cap and tax will go through, then our lives will definately be over from there.

  2. Refreshingly reasonable and soberly well-reasoned.

    Maybe there’s hope after all that the voices of sanity Stateside, like yours, will eventually prevail.

    If not, then God help us all. Everywhere.

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