The Real Tragedy that is “Assaulting our Shores (Borders) and our Citizens”

by Jayne D. Frank

I need not dwell at all about President Obama’s speech last night because it, frankly, was a pathetic show of bravado by an inexperienced President lacking in the leadership to do anything to get the oil spill contained, cleaned up and the hole plugged for good.

What is crucial right now, TODAY, is what is happening on America’s southern borders that is truly an “assault on our citizens.”

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service has now closed large portion of Southern Arizona in and around the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge and all along the southern side of I-8 between Casa Grande and Gila Bend. This is 80 miles north of the Mexican border and it is now off-limits to American citizens!!   This Refuge contains over 3500 acres, and Fish & Wildlife has closed this off, posted signs all over Pinal and other counties, that people may no longer be permitted in this area because of assaults on law enforcement officers, immigrants,  and landowners. Thousands of acres of beautiful Sonoran Desert closed INDEFINITELY to Americans because the drug cartel violence is spreading rapidly into our country.

What is it going to take for President Obama and Congress to enforce the laws on our books and secure the borders?  They must stop giving away America’s precious lands to Mexico.    All this Administration knows how to do is bash anyone who criticizes them, blames the brave Arizona Governor for standing on principle and insisting that the borders be secured.  They throw something against the wall hoping it will stick for now; i.e., a few hundred agents to be sent to help along the border; a useless, wasteful and disgraceful action for a President. You could even take half of the thousands of National Guard that are walking along the Gulf beaches picking up gobs of oil with a child’s fishing net and redirect them to the borders.  Read for the rest of the story that the media is not covering.

We need all Americans to press Congress and Obama to secure our borders now and take back the land that Mexico has now claimed by our abandonment.  This insidious disease that is  spreading in Arizona will soon infect of all of border states and ultimately our way of life.  Many will make the point that we don’t have the money or the resources to take care of the border problem, especially while the gulf oil spill should be a priority.   Allowing our borders not to be secured is costing this country billions each year and the Government is the only segment of our economy that is growing so they do have the resources to do their jobs.  Demand it now!

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