Obama’s End-Around with Cap and Trade

by Jayne D. Frank

So devious is this President; so transparent is his Marxist agenda, that you will see one of the greatest end-arounds tonight in his speech about the Gulf.  He will play to the crowd with his soaring rhetoric and empathy towards the Gulf oil spill victims and bad mouth big business, all in an effort to get the blood boiling of the American people so that they never want to have this kind of disaster happen again.   But our blood will be boiling for another reason, Mr. President.

President Obama has never cared about the spill in the Gulf except how he can use it to further his agenda, to redistribute the wealth, use his Administration and his agencies to bring about environmental change, and to punish businesses.  Tonight, after talking about several “fisherman” and “restaurant owners” he has run into whose lives will be changed forever by the oil spill, he will dive into one of his most desired legislation which has been stalled in the 111th Congress, turn it around to be the savior of this tragedy and try to ramrod it into law under the guise of an emergency.

The Markey-Waxman Cap and Trade Bill was stopped by the American people last year because, by Obama’s own words and those of others in the know – it will raise electricity prices between $4000-$6800/household.  Others have quoted 40%; whichever numbers you use, the entire result is devastating to Middle America who is hanging on economically right now  because of Obama’s policies and are going to be further hit at the end of the year by a tremendous jump in health care costs brought about by Obamacare.  In the latest “job extension”  bill going through Congress, they have even tacked on several billions of dollars to provide the “doc fix” for the care of their medicare patients. A cost that Nancy Pelosi was sure to have omitted from the original bill to keep the cost estimate by the Congressional Budget Office under one trillion dollars.

This is a red flag alert once again for all Americans – Democrats, Republicans, Independents and Libertarians – to once again get in the face of the President and Congress and refuse to allow Cap and Trade to proceed.

Guess what, Mr. President, all your grandiose words and speeches aside, you are so predictable.  We know what your Presidency is about and Americans will work to prevent you from passing any more harmful legislation, in any form, until we can correct the mistake made in November, 2008 and get someone else in office in 2010 who is first loyal to America and wants nothing more than to keep us the Greatest Nation on Earth instead of taking us down.

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