Never Let the Crisis in the Gulf Go to Waste!

by Richard H. Frank

The Obama Administration’s modus operandi (MO) to “never let a crisis go to waste” may just be the means to his Administration’s end.  It has become painfully apparent that when a “real crisis” such as the BP oil leak in the Gulf occurs, President Obama and his Administration are reduced to a bunch of finger-pointing incompetents.

The oil industry has had a good record over the past 60 years at management of offshore drilling.  Government regulation and legislation have forced oil exploration to pursue “deep water” techniques where technology to control leaks and spills is new territory for the oil producers.  As a result of environmentalists’ influence, Government has forced the oil industry to extend their development to include “deep water” exploration.  Therefore, Government does bear some responsibility in the case of this and any future “deep water” spills.

Obama contends his Administration has been involved since Day One in efforts to contain and stop the leak while admitting Government does not possess the technology or assets to stop the leak.  He states that containment plans were fully inadequate and infers the problems rests with the Bush Administration’s policies.

His feeble attempt to push his agenda for Congress to impose “Cap and Trade” legislation as a means to avoid future spills is the most transparent action during his presidency to date and Americans see right through the proposal to his real motives.

The people of the Gulf are opposed to his moratorium on offshore drilling as the economic impact on their personal lives is devastating.  They do not hold the Government responsible for the leak but do hold the President responsible for inaction and bureaucratic red tape that has delayed containment and clean-up efforts for more than 50 days.

To date, it has been all talk and no action on the part of our President.  He has reverted to the usual practice of placing blame for the crisis, creating a straw man argument for his actions, vilifying those responsible and proposing more laws and regulations to prevent future occurrences.  All this precious time wasted and little or no response to curtailment and clean-up efforts.

Today marks the President’s fourth photo-op in the Gulf in preparation for his prime time address to the nation on his efforts to manage this catastrophic incident.  It also precedes his FIRST discussion of any kind with the CEO of BP himself (a stunning admission).  Be prepared to hear him reiterate:

  • BP is ultimately responsible for paying all costs associated with this crisis
  • Government will keep its “boot on the throat” of the oil company and will “kick ass” where necessary.  He may soften his rhetoric a bit after Americans were infuriated with this crass display of words by our President
  • The moratorium will remain in place pending a thorough investigation and study by the best minds available
  • His Administration has done everything in its power to expedite containment control and clean-up in the Gulf
  • He will probably bring out the latest “victim” of this accident during his talk to further demonize Big Business

Once again we will witness Chicago politics in action.  There will be no reference  made to the weeks of bureaucratic delays in approving the sand berms requested by Louisiana nor issuing a waiver to allow foreign flag vessels from assisting in the Gulf clean-up efforts.  A real leader would have initiated these actions on Day One with the stroke of a pen.  Our President suffers from paralysis from analysis and cannot make a decision without agonizing over the political effect of any action he may take that is not in direct support of his socialist agenda.

The oil crisis in the Gulf is becoming synonymous with the Iranian hostage crisis faced by Jimmy Carter.  Let’s hope the day count doesn’t match that which was necessary to secure their release.  By the way, unless you may have forgotten, it also took our electing a new President to secure the hostage release.

I cannot imagine how this Administration would handle a terrorist attack using nuclear or biological weaponry upon any populated area of our country given their fumbling efforts in the Gulf.

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