Mr. Beck: We Will “Hold to the Truth & “Speak Without Fear” on 8/28/2010

by Jayne D. Frank

Glenn Beck continues to encourage Americans coming to the 8/28 Washington event at the feet of Abraham Lincoln (and there will be millions!) to keep their signs at home.  I respectfully disagree, Mr. Beck and this is why.  Americans are no less inundated with illegal and unconstitutional activities going on at the  Government level than we were at the 9/12/09 March on Washington.  As a matter of fact, things are substantially worse as the corruption in the Obama administration becomes unveiled, and the level of incompetence at the highest level of our Government soars.

Americans know full well what our job is this year.  And that is to get the corrupt, stagnant and incumbent members of  the House and Senate out of office this November, replaced by fiscal and moral conservatives who will restore the honor and integrity to Congress; our next step will be the 2012 elections.

We also know that the Obamacare bill, although passed into law, is not a dead issue for the America people. State law suits  have been filed, state legislation has been passed in some states to exempt themselves from having to abide by this unconstitutional bill, and many more states will have this on their ballots to also exempt themselves.  Repeal of this disastrous bill being the end game.  Just recently we have seen that Canada is reassessing their government healthcare because the costs for their healthcare are soaring and now constitute 77% of their economy.  They also contract out $100 million to out -of- country sources because they just cannot supply the health care they were supposed to under their system.  Millions of people are leaving their country every year for adequate health care.  This is just a mirror of where our country will be if  Obamacare should be allowed to stand.  Don’t forget, the Obama administration, knows full well that many of their mandates are not going to show up until after the November elections (as well as 2012 election) when most Americans will learn that their premiums have either increased substantially in January, 2011 or else will be  notified that they will be dropped from their company’s plan.

We have a President and his Administration totally incompetent of taking care of protecting Americans from financial disaster and national security because they won’t enforce the laws on the books now to secure our borders.  He blows off the written requests of the Governor of Arizona for the Federal Government to do their job and stop the infiltration of illegal aliens into this state.

Watching the President and his crew deal with the Gulf Oil spill is like watching Donald Trump’s Apprentice Show.  They bicker or ignore the experts around the world who might come together and get this spill and the damage from it taken care of quickly, because they have their own agenda.  The Governor of Louisiana again is blown off by Obama and is not given the resources to prevent the oil spill from entering their endangered marsh areas.

So much work to be done by the American people!  And the Federal Government and Obama continue to ignore the will of the people as their Marxist agenda continues.  So Mr. Beck, with all due respect for your fine work, please acknowledge our hard work over the past 2 years.  We also have sacrificed much to make our voices heard and we will be spending money we don’t have budgeted.  You cannot expect hundreds of thousands of Americans who will be in Washington on 8/28 to honor our promise to restore honor and integrity, just to stand quietly and not be heard.  Signs will be there so that the media can see our frustration; voices will be  loud, and yes, just like on 9/12/2009, there will not be one incidence of violence promulgated by Republicans, Libertarians and Independents coming to stand with you.

2 Responses

  1. I suggest that we follow Beck’s request. This is not intended as a rally but as a learning event.

    Our opportunity to rally will be on 9/11. I know that this might be a burden on some people but hopefully we can get lots out for both events. Learn and come together on 8/28….express our opinion on 9/11.

    We must have a common understanding of what makes us free. We must demonstrate out commitment to freedom. We can’t do both at a single event.

    • If you, as an American, haven’t learned about your Constitution, about integrity and honor, hope and charity by now, you aren’t going to do it in one event. Mr. Beck created the 912 movement, as you are well aware, and the proponents of it do believe in upholding the values and principles that our Founders intended, and WE are responsible for making sure our elected officials do the same. Therefore, 8/28 should not be about learning, but about coming together to celebrate our knowledge of the Counstitution and making a commitment to move forward to restoring honor to Washington. The day does not belong to Mr. Beck; it belongs to us. If you have money to come to Washington to both events, more power to you, but the majority of American’s businesses have been affected by the Obama Administration’s policies already and will be able to make it to only one event. If you went to 9/12/09 rally, you know that was very peaceful and so will the Glenn Beck event, signs or no signs.

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