Saturday Afternoon at the Movies!

By: Richard H. Frank 

Watching the Obama Administration and the 111th Congress attempt to govern our nation is like viewing a low budget “B” movie or a poorly written “soap opera.” As a youngster my friends and I would gather together every Saturday after our lunch and walk to the local movie house or in some cases a church parish house, to see the latest Hollywood fare. Depending on where we went and what was showing the cost ranged between ten and twenty cents for an afternoon double feature, continuing serial update and a cartoon.   Our heroes included Roy Rogers, Tom Mix, Gene Autry, Flash Gordon, John Wayne, Jimmie Stewart and a host of others that have become muddled with trivia in my otherwise excellent memory. The difference between the movies then and the Obama administration today is that when the movie ended, no matter how bad the story or outcome was, no one was affected or hurt by what we had just witnessed. The same cannot be said with regard to the Obama administration or the 111th Congress. Their actions affect 330 million Americans and countless others around the world.

Today America has elected a neophyte to the office of the President of the United States who is unqualified by any measure to hold that office.  This is not Obama’s fault but that of the American people. His claim to fame is that he was a community organizer, Constitutional scholar and professor, lawyer and state and federal legislator.  His list of achievements might fill the insert of a fortune cookie.  His political agenda and ideology is that of a statist, secular socialist progressive, advancing his agenda through the 111th Congress, itself a “secular socialist machine. “

As for a cast of characters what writer could conceive of a group the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Janet Napolitano, and Eric Holder and let’s not forget Joe Biden. Every episode follows the same plot and story line.  A new crisis threatens the very existence of our country and its institutions. If the Federal government does not act immediately we will all perish or at least fall victim to some unseen ruthless enemy of the people. The enemy is identified as greedy masters of finance or industry bent on enslaving the people and taking all their wealth through unregulated practices. These forces are vilified and ridiculed in the name of “social justice” and deserve to be punished to the fullest extent of the law if one exists. If not, Congress and the President will create a new law or at least issue an executive order to save the day. Obama rides in on his white horse and proclaims that he will not tolerate anyone breaking the law and will bring the full force and extent of the Federal government to bear upon the perpetrators.  The same scenario is played over and over again and can plainly be seen in his push to regulate Wall Street, the Insurance Industry, the Auto Industry, the Health Care Industry, the Energy Industry, stimulating the economy and coming to your local state soon is Immigration Reform.

The American people are growing weary of the plot and certainly don’t approve of the unhappy ending to each of the Obama initiatives such as 10% sustained unemployment, uncontrolled government spending, government takeover of our private sector businesses ,the eventual demise of free market driven health care and a deficit being passed on to generations of yet unborn Americans. The only growth seen to date is the growth of government which produces nothing but sucks the life out of our free enterprise system.

Even the writers in Hollywood got the message when audiences didn’t like the plot or the ending of a particular picture and would rewrite the script. Usually the ending was one where the hero or the authorities did the right thing to defend the citizens and kept them safe from harm. Leaders made the correct decisions and didn’t have to weigh the political ramifications of their actions but instinctively knew what course to take in solving a particular situation. The Obama administration suffers from paralysis from analysis when it comes to upholding their responsibility with regard to National Security, Foreign Policy, protecting the environment and illegal immigration. I fear to think how they would respond to another major attack on the country by a foreign enemy or radical terrorist group. Real leadership in times of peril calls for swift action and not convening study groups or commissions to delve into the academic facets of a particular situation.

This administration has failed three times to detect terrorist actions against our citizens yet arrogantly contends that our security organization and systems have worked. They have repeatedly set deadlines for actions against Iran for becoming a nuclear nation only to see the deadline come and go without any action whatsoever to curb their acquiring nuclear weapons. They take umbrage with the actions of our most trusted allies in the Middle East and attempt to dictate policy to Israel. What is astonishing to me is the fact that they continue to pursue governing against the will of the American people. I would have believed that this could only have happened in a Hollywood script if I were not witnessing it with my own eyes. If George Orwell were to see what is happening he would think Obama was using his novel “1984” as his master plan for centralized bureaucracy which ultimately becomes a dictatorship with all power residing in “Big Brother.”Let us hope for the sake of our nation that the final chapter and reel for this movie will have an ending that preserves this republic.

At a recent conservative meeting I attended where Newt Gingrich spoke,  he commented on the message of truth used by the Polish people to oust the Communist government in the 1970’s. They placed signs reading 2+2=4 in all the shop windows knowing that the Communist authorities could not find anything subversive about the government in this simple statement of “truth.”

No matter how the Obama administration and the 111th Congress attempts to justify their agenda using the CBO numbers, 2+2 still equals 4, and don’t be convinced otherwise.  “The truth will set us free!”

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