Ring Around the Rosey, a Pocket Full of Posies; Ashes, Ashes, We all Fall Down!

by Richard H. Frank

The old children’s playground singing game aptly describes the current global economy.  The interdependence between nations resulting from globalization of markets and currency has reached a point where failure of the smallest world economy creates a ripple effect for every currency and economy throughout the world.  Just as stated in this nursery rhyme, “we all fall down” when failure of the economic condition in one country’s economy is felt by all other connected world economies. Case in point is Greece and the European Union.

The world banking organizations are in fact the “ring around the rosie” and pursue the quest to control everything of value, and thereby to acquire ultimate power.  Those who support globalization see one world finances as the first step to one world governance.  Therefore, controlling the world finances will ultimately lead to one world government.

The “pocket full of posies” is the sentimental refrain reflecting the socialist’s vision of a utopian world. All things being equal for everyone and redistribution of wealth without regard to the individuals contribution is the socialists view  of a pocket full of posies.  Unfortunately, this view leads to total control by Government and ultimately tyranny.

Lastly, the rhyme tells us what happens when the world view of globalization ultimately fails and is consumed by its very existence.  “Ashes, ashes, we all fall down” is the warning against becoming  inextricably entwined with the political and economic interest of foreign countries.  When failure of those who embrace socialists’ doctrine occur they take down all governments and economies financially tied to their existence.

Thus, we cannot afford to bail out any European country for their failure to control their own appetite for uncontrolled spending, promises of unending entitlements and indebtedness.  The same warning holds true for our own Government’s appetite for uncontrolled spending, unfunded mandates and exploding deficit.

The words of Thomas Jefferson ring true when he said “Peace, Commerce, and Honest Friendship with All Nations – Entangling Alliances with None.” This was the founders doctrine of “separatism” not “isolationism” and needs to be the doctrine of the United States today and forever.

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  1. This is the regime’s goal to gobalize the world so we can fall with them and become just as poor as them. And we are headed that way thanks to this horrible regime.

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