“Why would you put people in charge of government that don’t want to do it?”

by Jayne D. Frank

The very caustic and belligerent Congressman Alan Grayson from FL gave me the perfect line today, as my Title, for this article about President Obama’s failure to protect and defend Americans.  This past week has shown how very weak the President is on national security.  His Director of National Intelligence, Dennis Blair, was asked to leave his position by the Administration obviously because he is a true professional, former Admiral, who took his duty and job seriously with his advice and positions to the President, and that advice feel on deaf ears as Obama’s global strategy is to coddle terrorists, dismantle America’s strategic defensive capability, apology for our Country, and placate radical Muslims around the world.  Forcing someone out of this critical key national security position at a time when obviously threats are being ratcheted up to pre-911 levels, is a dereliction of Obama’s oath as President to defend our country.  Mr. Blair served 34 years in the Navy, ending it as Commander-in-Chief of United States Pacific Command and was a Senior Fellow at the Institute for Defense Analyses.  He obviously had more knowledge about intelligence, terrorism and strategy for the defense of America than all of Obama’s left-wing staff put together, but it is obvious that his confrontations with President Obama on matters on intelligence are what led to his resignation.

In another well-planned maneuver, certainly with the blessing and prodding of Obama (so he can stay undercover), John Morton, Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security, this week proclaimed that “he might not process and deport people handed over to him by Arizona law enforcement officials.”  Is that right, Mr. Morton?  Are you publicly stating in front of all the American People and your President that you will not uphold the law on the books of the United States to properly screen, process, detain and/or deport illegal aliens that are caught in this country?

Not only is Arizona’s law a mirror image of, and less stringent than, the Federal law regarding our border security, but this law is necessary because the President and this Administration refuses to do their job, putting citizens in our Country, especially the vulnerable border states such as Arizona, in fear for their safety.   This failure of the Federal Government also affects the economic future of our very nation because we just can’t illegal immigration anymore!

Mr. Morton, in his March 18, 2010 Testimony before the Senate Appropriations Committee on the Budget for ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement), said these very words about his duty as Asst. Secretary of Homeland Security and as the head of ICE:

  • “ICE protects the security of the American people and the homeland by vigilantly enforcing the nation’s immigration and customs laws.”
  • ICE officers enforce civil immigration laws to secure the homeland and protect our communities who support terrorism, criminal aliens, alien gang members, and human rights violators … and by removing these aliens… provides integrity to the nation’s immigration system.”
  • ICE is strategically located … in border cities… to support the nation’s border security efforts… by combating trans-border crime by securing our borders.
  • “Border enforcement and combating border violence are key components of our mission.”
  • “Improving coordination and partnerships with federal, STATE, local … law enforcement, particularly in the border region, is essential to securing our nation against the threat of cartel violence.”
  • Ice “continues to reverse the practice of catch and release” at the border.
  • “We enforce criminal laws related to immigration in an effort to reduce the pressure at the border.””
  • The Secure Communities program continues to …support the identification, arrest, detention, processing and removal of criminal aliens…” in our communities.
  • “…we have established that participating local law enforcement agencies pursue the criminal charge that originally caused the offender to be taken into custody.” Dhs.gov/…/testimony_1271443011074

So where is the outrage over the happenings of this week?  Mr. Morton should be fired for his subordination of duty by his statement this week, and President Obama cannot go unchallenged because his silence on the matter is deafening.

National security of this Country has been a low priority for this Administration.  Instead, it is being used as a political lever seeking support of Obama’s agenda by the Hispanic community.  70% of Americans favor enforcing the existing laws on our borders and support Arizona’s legal efforts to do the job our Federal Government won’t do!

2 Responses

  1. Jayne, excellent post! I saw a video yesterday of this poor sap on the Townhall site. His rantings have become a trademark of the fools in D.C. who have lost every modicum of intelligence, self-control and discretion. They are an embarrassment to the citizens of this nation who have not forgotten that we have much to be humble about. This behavior–name-calling, immorality, intemperence and pride–by the people who swore to represent us honorably makes us cringe as we visualize the rest of the world viewing such outrageous shows of foolishness.

    Where is honor? Where is tolerance? Where is the truth about Americans? There is hope for us. I see so many who are trying hard to do the right thing, and it strengthens me to hear the brave calls for true “American Hearts!” (A moving song by Jonathan Kahn that you can find on uTube). God bless you, my friends!

  2. What does it take for Americans to get hopping mad and stand up and show it? I guess there are only a handful of us who voice their opinion and that’s tragic because the people who are paying attention, and care, are the ones that are seeing and hearing the truth. We are so anxious to vote to kick these evil demons out of congress.

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