Seventeen Months of Pain – Not “Hope and Change!”

by Richard H. Frank

May 20, 2010 marks the seventeenth month since Barack Obama became President of the United States. Those of us fortunate enough to have experienced “three score and ten” years as citizens of this magnificent Republic no longer recognize this country in which we have worked, fought and in many cases watched our friends and family die for to defend against tyranny.

Today we witnessed our President welcome Mexican President Felipe Calderon to the United States. President Obama once again took advantage of the occasion to trash Arizona’s law against “illegal immigration” when he stated their law was “ill advised, misdirected” and was being reviewed by “HIS” Justice Department to make recommendations as to how Washington should address the problem. Further he went on to say that Congress needed to examine “reasonable, safe” immigration reform to guard against the potential to discriminate against and employ racial profiling to Hispanics and thus protect “visitors” and tourists and those otherwise conducting legitimate business in the United States. I thought the Justice Department belonged to the people and was not the personal property of Obama. Once again he reverted to the now predictable pattern of describing the crisis, creating a straw man, identifying the bogeyman and coming to the aid of the victims all while never accepting any responsibility for the situation at hand; also in essence offering another apology for America’s behavior.

• The Crisis – Arizona enacting legislation to do the job of law enforcement the Federal Government has failed to do.

 • The Straw Man – Using racial profiling as a means for enactment of the law.

 • The Bogeyman – All the racist Arizona law enforcement officers and Arizona’s Governor.

 • The Victim – All the legal Hispanic people that will be unlawfully detained under this law.

So far as President Calderon commenting on Arizona’s law he would be wise to bone up on Mexico’s onerous immigration law before throwing stones at anything we do in the United States. Mexico doesn’t allow people to remain in the country who are not “stable”, have a record, don’t have their own health insurance or can prove their ability to take care of themselves economically, and many can be thrown out on somewhat of a whim if they don’t think you are compatible with the country; deportation and prison sentences accompany many of these acts. They are very serious about protecting their own borders. President Obama and his Administration have attacked Americans that support enforcing the current immigration law (approximately 70%) as racist, xenophobes or hate mongers. Once again he has shown his will, along with that of the 111th Congress, to govern against the will of the people in order to advance his agenda.

The American people recognize a con man when they see one and are becoming acutely aware of the spin placed on the real world situation in the country today. When the President states that 9.9% unemployment is a sign of a recovering economy the people know the real number is 17.2% and there is no major improvement in sight. The people have listened to all the promises made about the Obama agenda to “fundamentally transform America” and the legislation that was sure to cure all the problems left by the previous administration. So today we have endured the pain of all these cures:


• Auto Company Bailouts

• Stimulus I and II

• Obamacare

• His push for Cap and Trade on the horizon

• Amnesty and Comprehensive Immigration Reform yet to come

Thus far all these wonderful actions have done nothing but to double the national debt in just 17 months to it highest level in the history of the country. Every measurable that was identified as improving as a result of his agenda has deteriorated. Health care costs have risen and the mythical $2500.00 savings per family is no longer talked about. Likewise all the congressional fixes to the Senate bill have vanished into thin air since Obama signed the bill into law. The promise that the law would not add to the deficit has also been broken as indicated in the latest CBO estimates.

No matter how the Administration and the media attempt to spin reality, every American recognizes the impact of this Administration’s attack on the free enterprise system and capitalism as a whole, has taken on our nation. Ronald Reagan once asked, “Are we better off today than we were four years ago?” I think most Americans would answer with a resounding NO! What is more, we cannot see any relief or improvement for our children in the foreseeable future.

In just seventeen short months we have endured more pain than Jimmy Carter and his inept administration could create in four years. We have a Homeland Security Department unable to control our borders against terrorists and illegal entry to this country. We have an Attorney General dedicated to giving terrorists the rights of every American citizen for fear of designating them as enemy combatants and offending the Muslim community around the world.

After 911 the outcry was to be able to “connect the dots” with regard to intelligence gathered against those wishing us harm and our enemies. So today we have enacted tough security at our airports to guard against those that pose a threat. We cannot profile as the security personal randomly scan and pat down innocent passengers. The sight of an elderly Nun standing with arms and legs spread while a TSA agent wands her for weapons is becoming commonplace at our airports. And yet the “Underwear Bomber,” “Times Square Car Bomber” and the shooting by an Army Officer at Fort Hood all revealed information in the possession of our authorities that should have been red flags to alert us to their intentions. The grace of God alone prevented two out of three disasters. We may not be so lucky next time.

Seventeen months gone and thirty-one to go before we can really “hope” to experience “change.” With regard to Obama’s agenda we must demand that our elected representatives continue to say “NO.” I am not sure we will ever be able to rectify and reverse the damage this Congress and Administration has done to the Republic. The Constitution provides the means to provide “justice for all” not “social justice” for the few. We must return to the Values and Principles enumerated by our Founding Fathers.

2 Responses

  1. I’m still trying to understand why people were so blinded by hussein obama in the first place. Were all of these people deaf, dumb, and blind?! When a smooth talker liar gets up there and spews demonic retoric then warning bells should ringly loudly! Then to hear him spew out ” he’s going to fundamentally transform our country and change will be hard” then only a few intelligent Americans actually comprehended what this horrible person was saying!? Unbelievable, just unbelievable to me! Now because you people voted him, in my family, and I, may lose America as we love it, and everything we have worked for, including our paychecks. Thanks for nothing! It’s always been known that mistake makers cause the ones that didn’t make the mistake to be punished for their doings, and man we are paying for their monumental mistake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Amen to that!

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