What Price for Citizenship?

by Richard H. Frank

Observing the hysteria being fomented in this Country by activists in support of illegal immigrants, one would wonder when America became subject to the Will of Anarchists as opposed to the Rule of Law.  “Hysteria,” as a description for what has occurred as a result of Arizona’s tough stance against illegal entry into this Country, hardly seems the appropriate term in light of politicians calling for boycotting the State and attempting to extort the legally elected representatives of the Arizona people for doing their bidding.  Last but not least, is the use of the race card by opponents of the law, mostly outsiders, to incite racial discord among the citizenry.

The outcry of racial profiling and discrimination against Hispanics, by requiring them to show some form of identification, when and if law enforcement has probable cause to suspect a violation of law, is now considered comparable to Nazi Germany.  Those activists that are crying foul in the case of Hispanics need to consider the “legal” requirements and responsibility placed upon those natural-born citizens of all races, creeds and color in the United States.  For instance, natural-born citizens:

  • Must abide by the law and show proper identification if suspected of having violated the law or be penalized accordingly
  • Must pay taxes legally imposed under the law
  • Must give service to their Country in its defense and register for the Selective Service upon reaching 18 years of age
  • Must respect the rights conferred upon others by our Constitution
  • May choose to participate, or not, in the electoral process
  • Must provide identification and proof of residency when appropriately requested by law enforcement agencies
  • Must provide proof of citizenship to obtain certain legal documents, participate in Government subsidy programs and obtain security clearances when required by law
  • Must provide identification to obtain a Social Security Card.  For children 12 years of age or older, they must attend a personal interview as well as producing evidence of citizenship
  • Serve on a jury when selected and legally qualified
  • Must provide a valid Passport upon departure and re-entry to the United States

Gosh, natural-born citizens seem to be held to the same standards and even higher than is the standard for aliens, legal or illegal.  Under the province of Homeland Security in America today, what may an illegal alien who entered illegally expect to participate in?  How about:

  • Access to a job
  • Being issued a driver’s license whether or not they can read and speak English
  • Issuance of a Social Security Card
  • Participation in welfare programs, food stamps, SSI, dependant child assistance, etc.
  • Subsidized rent or home purchase assistance
  • Free education
  • Free healthcare
  • Welfare payments up to $30,000/yr

Comparing the responsibilities of natural-born Americans against the social welfare handouts for illegal aliens, is it any wonder there are between 10-12 million illegal aliens in the United States today?

When the facts are presented showing that existing law does not discriminate against or is anymore oppressive of immigrants than is the law for natural-born Americans, the straw man built by the activists can not stand and their arguments are proven false.  Their only remaining weapon in the anarchist’s arsenal is to play the race card and fan the flame of bigotry.

Politically, it is all for show in coercing the minorities to receive their support in the form of a vote.

Constitutionally, it is a wake-up call to the Federal Government that they have failed to protect this Nation through secure borders and the states will exercise their powers under the 10th Amendment to do the job if the Feds won’t.

Any candidate seeking office in the upcoming 2010 midterm elections needs to examine their conscience with regard to their position on immigration reform and demand the borders be secured before considering any new law or change to existing immigration legislation.

This Nation cannot afford unlimited, uncontrolled immigration financially and to protect our National Security against those forces that promote the destruction of America.

The answer to the question “What price for citizenship?” is “Any price!”  The  Founders pledged their fortunes and their very lives to achieve and preserve freedom.  Answering a simple question and providing documentation as to our legal status seems a trivial price and nothing to fear for those that are in the United States legally.