The Art of Political Distraction.

By: Richard H. Frank

Just as magicians have used distraction to create their illusions and make us believe the unbelievable, so have the politicians in Washington. No sooner had the 111th Congress and President Obama passed and signed the Health care legislation into law, which remains opposed by the majority of Americans, than a new crisis in the form of Arizona’s State immigration law is now being used to distract the attention of America.   The mainstream media, in concert with the Obama administration, attacks the Arizona law as being oppressive to the minority Hispanic population and all those of “color” and compares it to the Nazis in WWII Germany. This type of rhetoric comes directly from the Progressive’s play book and is used to inflame and misdirect the attention of the population from their true motives. Nowhere in their reporting does the media acknowledge two basic truths. Firstly that the Arizona law mirrors existing Federal law, and secondly, that the law is supported by in excess of 65% of Americans.

The Federal government has failed miserably to control our borders from illegal immigration for the better part of 40 years and has acknowledged the same in every political campaign since the law was “reformed “ and amnesty granted to millions of illegal aliens in 1986. Politically it is of greater advantage to focus on demonizing those that demand the law be enforced than on the problem itself. Potential votes residing within the Hispanic community in America are more important to politicians in the Border States than is upholding the rule of law. Their assertion is that the Arizona law suppresses “social justice” for those immigrants seeking a better life. They fail to recognize that illegal entry into this country violated existing law and if allowed to continue overrides the very “justice under the law” afforded to every citizen.  It is now being used as a distraction and represents political hypocrisy of the highest order.

The spot light has been switched from challenging the constitutionality of Health care to the emotionally charged issue of Immigration reform. Could it be a coincidence that both issues have overwhelming public support against health care and in favor of enforcement of immigration laws? If so the Obama administration and the 111th Congress seem to be on the wrong side of both issues. Their tactic to distract the voting public from these issues that really matter and focus on some new crisis will undoubtedly play out in the months leading up to the November mid-term elections. No doubt the off shore oil drilling spill in the Gulf of Mexico will serve to lessen the public focus on the Obama agenda and provide the administration with another demon in the form of oil companies to attack.

Keep focused on the real issues and trends in government attributed to this Congress and the Obama administration that must be reversed. Run away spending, the ballooning national debt, nationalization of American industry and natural resources and redistribution of wealth are all part of Obama’s agenda to fundamentally change America. The 2010 election must be the turning point to bring our country back to its roots as a Representative Republic and away from a European Socialist democracy. Do not allow the “Art of Political Distraction” to take our attention off of the “change that really matters”; defeat of the Obama agenda.