Newt Gingrich Determined to Seal His Own Destiny for a Possible 2012 Run

by Jayne D. Frank

At one point in time, I truly thought Newt Gingrich would be a dynamic Republican candidate for the Office of the President, but actions he has taken over time and things that have come out of his mouth have really shown him to be the kind of man I could not now vote for. He is someone whose supposed Republican ideals sway with the wind and change depending on whom he is trying to impress the most.  Today, I read the summary of his speech which he made last Wednesday in Philadelphia where he stated the “Tea Party Movement Will be Militant Wing of the Republican Party.”

In 1994, Newt seemed to have it all together and brought about the “Contract with America” which was supposed to be the basis upon which the Republican Party in Congress would go forward to remain loyal to their core values of conservatism and smaller government. The Party was to make the actions of Congress accountable to the People once more after a long run at a Democratically controlled Congress.  Honesty and integrity would follow and a new Republican Party would thence go forward and right the wrongs and mistakes that Democratic Congresses in the past had made.  Year by year after that Contract, we saw incumbent members of the Republican Party in Congress stray from these  core values that got them elected, and those are the very members of Congress that we now call RINOS; they have forgotten who elected them and would rather sacrifice the will of the people to stay wrapped  in their soft cushy Washington lifestyle.  Not This Year Republicans! We are done just giving you our loyalty at the ballot box.  You have to earn it.

Since Newt is now contemplating again a run for President in the 2012 election, he thinks he can pave his way to an election guaranteeing that he will take some of the “Obama voters” to his side by denigrating the Tea Party Movement.  Newt, what don’t some of you in Washington get?”  The Tea Party Movement isn’t one group.  We are all comprised of honest hard-working Americans who came together earlier this year with other people of the same view that the present Administration was going in the wrong direction and that Republicans are just as culpable as Democrats in taking us there.  We have met together with 912 members, other Tea Party organizations, Freedom Works, Resistnet, and many more groups comprised of peaceful Americans that wanted to speak with one voice.  We meet in the mornings, in the evenings and on weekends working on projects to re-educate ourselves and our children on the meaning and intent of the Constitution.  We follow state and federal legislation to make sure that Congress tows the line and will vote for what We the People want, and we speak out when it does not.  We all organized early in 2009 and 2 million of us left our families to go to Washington last September 12 to stand for hours peacefully before the Capital Steps to tell Congress that we wanted them to stop the spending and the massive takeover of our healthcare and our private enterprise system.

No event that I have been at during the past year has ever been anything but peaceful, and now you, Mr. Gingrich,  have betrayed us Republicans, Democrats, Independent, Libertarians all, to say that we are nothing but militant.     What you should be shining the light on is the new liberal focus in this election year to start infiltrating our meetings helped along with the  prodding and money of the groups.   This is truly a sign that our message to Washington was resonating and that the Liberals and Progressive felt threatened by our voices.

You cannot have it both ways, Mr.Gingrich.  You cannot call yourself a Republican and smack us in the face with your comments, and you surely will never get our vote in the primaries, should you decide to run, because you have shown that you are no less a Progressive than they are.

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