Bill Clinton’s Attempt to Distort History.

By: Richard H. Frank

Bill Clinton, at a recent Democrat fundraiser, made a statement that the same forces are present today in America that were present at the time as the of the bombing of the Oklahoma Federal Building.  This is indicative of how out of touch he and his Party are with the citizenry. His remarks were timed to counter the grass-roots protests taking place in Washington against President Obama’s policies. Typically, he inferred that the protesters were against diversity within the government and although he did not say as much his comments were meant to label them as racist.

Somewhere between 1994 and today Mr. Clinton has had a lapse of memory with regard to the onerous taxation, heavy-handed tactics employed by His Attorney General,  Janet Reno, in Waco Texas and with regard to a nine-year old orphan forced to return to Cuba as opposed to remaining in the custody of relatives in Florida. He certainly must feel vindicated by the passage of health care legislation by the 111th Congress, over the protests of America , since Hillarycare failed with the same disapproval level during his administration. He also renewed his attack on the First Amendment’s protection for  freedom of speech by further asserting that “Talk Radio” and now internet “blogs” such as this one poison the minds of Americans through misinformation and proporgating lies against the policies of the political party in office.

The Democrat Party elite such as Mr. Clinton will carry the message loud and clear between now and November that the Tea Party and the 912 movements represent only the far right fringe elements of the Republican Party and their radical agenda. Demographics for the movement paint an entirely different picture. According to a poll conducted in March 2010 by “Politics and Pucks” 74% of members are Independent leaning Republicans, 45% are men. 77% voted for McCain, 15% voted for Obama, 88% are white and 61% have high school and some college education. These percentages are certainly not representative of the fringe elements within any political party.

The Obama Administration in concert with the main stream media have now been joined by the voice of Bill Clinton in their orchestrated attempt to suppress any opposition to President Obama’s socialist policies. Their plan consisted of three strategies. First “Ignore”, and should that not work then “Mock” and lastly “Attack”. The first two strategies have only caused the movement to grow in strength and size. What the Democrats and Republicans currently in power have to fear is the real agenda of this grass-roots movement which is a return to the values and principles contained in our Constitution, small Federal government and responsible spending on the part of Congress.

The demographics represented within the Tea Party movement are truly representative of most informed Americans. We want and demand individual accountability for our lives; not government mandates and regulations by the government that stifle economic growth and prosperity. We want and demand a return to free market principles and the right of every individual to succeed or fail at whatever endeavor he decides to undertake without government interference.

The last time I looked the United States of America was still a “Representative Republic” where government was the servant of the people and not the reverse. Whenever any politician identifies himself as a “Progressive” he is admitting to an ideology that is counter to the Constitution and should be rejected by the electorate. When any people are rewarded by government without making any contribution to society those people will eventually lose their liberty and become slaves to the whims of those men in the government. Redistribution of wealth and creating a society totally depended upon big government is what the Tea Party and 912 movements are opposed to and pledged to defeat.

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  1. Constitutional conservatives do not deny the poor, the disabled, the dysfunctional or any citizen of the world help in their time of need or unfortunate situation. We only ask that Government not interfere with our right to choose to whom and when and how much time and treasure we will provide for their welfare. Contrary to your assertion America is the most generous nation on earth and cares for more afflicted people than any government or people has in history. As a Canadian I expect you have researched the building of the British Empire and are aware of the history of exploitation associated of the Colonization that built their empire of which Canada and the American Colonies was once a part. Ethics, as with governments, are a product of either oppressors or patriots in power at a particular point in time. Our Declaration of Independence demands that we speak out whenever our government becomes oppressive and yes even change that government if necessary. If you truly understood the principles and values enumerated in our Constitution by our Founders you would know they are timeless because they are based on Christian doctrine.

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