President Obama says he is “Amused” at the Rallies and that we should “Thank Him”

by Jayne D. Frank

President Obama said today “I was amused at the people in the rallies saying they don’t want taxes.”  “You would think they would be saying  “Thank You.”

What should we be thanking you for, Mr. President?  Perhaps that there is currently a 16% increase in people facing foreclosure or for the 10% of prime borrowers that are now late with their payments?

Perhaps we should thank you for your disastrous health care law that will cause millions to lose their coverage because the law has been drafted in such a way to drive private insurers out of business and to revert to your preferred single payer system.

Oh yes, I know, we should thank you for taking away any incentives for small businesses to stay alive because you have put such onerous burdens on them with this health care legislation.

Most likely you would like us to thank you for the Government’s nationalizing major elements of the free market system including GM, Chrysler and the banking and insurance system. Thus far, your actions have cost the American taxpayer untold billions of dollars to keep companies afloat that by the laws of economics should have expired.

I personally want to thank you for bowing before every leader in the world as if to say America is subservient to their desires and has now become a weak nation in their eyes.

You and your Administration also think Americans should thank you for trampling upon our U.S. Constitution with almost every action you take because you think it is “flawed.”

We want to Thank You for your support for amnesty and a rapid path to citizenship for all those illegals that have broken our existing laws.

Thanks definitely should go to you for indebting this nation for generations to come so that our children and grandchildren don’t have a hope of ever living in the kind of America that we do; definitely a thanks goes out for spending their future into oblivion.

Thank you is in order for your uncontrolled spending contained within your $3.7  trillion budget plan that includes $1.3 trillion in deficit spending.

I definitely know we should thank you, Mr. Obama, for the real number of 17% unemployed, about 7% of which have just stopped looking.

Taxpayers are really neglectful if they don’t thank you for the $74 billion that you have spent so far in unemployment benefits, instead of incentivizing private businesses with tax cuts; this keeps more Americans looking for handouts from the Government because there are NO JOBS.

Mr. President, we certainly owe you a big Thank You for giving enemy combatants that would kill Americans in a heartbeat, the same rights as any law-abiding American.

Definitely, Thank You for denying that America was founded on Judeo-Christian values and we are “no longer a Christian nation.”

Fundamentally transforming America into a third world country is certainly something all Americans need to thank you for.

You know what, President Obama, we do owe this to you, and I want you to be assured that every  American who cherishes our Republic will show up to Thank You properly in November of this year, and again in November of 2012.

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