Waxman Must Look for Someone New to Vilify

By: Richard H. Frank

Henry A Waxman, Congressional Representative for California’s 30th district will just have to find some new target to haul before his congressional committee to interrogate for having besmirched the Obama Healthcare Legislation. It seems that he finally woke up to the fact that all the corporations that were restating their income projections downward as a result of Obamacare were just following the law. The Chairs of the various Democrat committees are obsessed with finding some corporation or free enterprise entity to vilify in order to create acceptance for their onerous legislation and agenda.   I find it somewhat curious that now that the bill has been passed and become law and the real cost numbers are apparent to the public that the Democrats are reticent to talk about the new law and all the wonderful things in store for America. Instead they have moved on to their next socialist agenda item, that of further regulation to the banking industry. Like a wisp of smoke the $2500.00 savings per average household associated with Obamacare has disappeared from their talking points and there is no comment on the initial projections from the Insurance Industry that all premiums are about to rise. The Democrats are following the play book that says “ignore the truth until after the November election and it may just go away.” The real problem exists in that we have elected buffoons the likes of Henry Waxman to legislate and compromise our liberty. If you doubt my statement check out his stand with regard to Cap and Trade.

Today thousands of Americans are demonstrating in Washington over the draconian taxation being proposed by the administration and Congress. People such as Nancy Pelosi and Henry Waxman see taxes as the only solution to this country’s rising deficit and the burden being placed on every American for generations to come. There is never a tough stand taken to reduce the out of control spending. Today, 12 % of mortgages are in default and unemployment stands at a solid reported 9.7%. The government still thinks we are stupid and are not aware that the real number of unemployed or underemployed actually exceeds 17% with new claims for compensation increasing each week over the past.

If allowed to continue the Obama Administration and the 111th Congress will have done irreparable damage to our Republic. The forecast annual deficit  will soon accumulate to $14.0 trillion with interest alone over $1.0 trillion per year which could be going back to the citizens and investors capable of creating jobs and wealth for the nation.  Anyone that denies Obama has an agenda to create a European Socialized society in America is wearing blinders. If over the next 2-1/2 years the Republican party must say no to all of Obama’s policies, so be it. At least we may have a country left capable of restoring after he is voted out of office. That is the real change for America to believe in!

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