The Ultimate Responsibility for Government Rests with the People

by Richard H. Frank

Liberals and progressives contend that our Constitution is out of date and does not reflect our society and institutions that make up modern-day America.  They believe, along with President Obama, that the document, which is acknowledged as the supreme law of the land, is deeply flawed in that it fails to address each and every claim of discrimination and reparation brought by minority groups.  They fail to acknowledge that this document enumerates the values and principles by which our elected representatives should abide in order to preserve our Republic.  The values and principles contained within the Constitution must remain etched in stone as the tools by which We the People, the ultimate sovereigns, guide the destiny of our nation.

The genius of the Founders is found in the structure of the central (Federal) and State Governments which remain subservient to the People.  Unlike a monarchy or dictatorship, the Constitution provides the mechanism by which the People maintain ultimate control over those we have elected to administer governance over the nation.

The Founders in their wisdom warned against professional politicians and provided limits of service that required consent of the People through elections to perpetuate any Congressman or Senator to sit in representation of his constituents.  Likewise, the President is limited to two elected terms once by tradition and now under limitation by the XXII Amendment to our Constitution.

Further, their genius is reflected within the structure of the central (Federal) Government into the legislative, executive and judicial branches, each having enumerated powers to provide a check and balance over any branch from usurping powers of the other.  The very essence of the Constitution was intended to limit the size and power of the Federal Government and under the Tenth Amendment leaves matters not specifically defined in the Constitution to the province of the States and the People.

The question asked by many Americans today is how the Federal Government became so large and intrusive in our every day lives.  The answer lay not in the Constitution but rather in how the People have allowed individuals, political party, special interests and ideology to infect the legislative and judicial processes in our Republic.  Americans have become complacent about Government and addicted to entitlements as opposed to taking personal responsibility for our individual well-being and that of our  country.  It takes some sort of catastrophic event before Americans stand and change their behavior with regard to Government.

It is considered a mandate from the People when some candidate or issue is adjudged to have won the election when less than 50% of the electorate cast a ballot.  Mid-term election turnout averages 17% in our country and yet we seem surprised by the character and qualifications of those men and women elected as our representatives.  A recent poll shows 79% of those questioned said Congress is no longer representing their interests.  That should be no surprise considering that only 1 in 6 voters determines the Congressional makeup results for mid-term elections.  Proof of this resides in the 111th Congress having the lowest approval rating by the People in history.  This is a sad commentary on the American People.  We have no one to blame but ourselves for the character of the Government in power at any point in time.

The Founders did everything within their vision and power to protect us from an oppressive and corrupt Government.  Unfortunately should we not remain vigilant and vet those candidates vying to represent us, we deserve the bitter fruits for our apathy.

Today we have allowed the Federal Government to usurp the powers granted to the States and the People by electing persons beholding to party ideology and special interests as opposed to the best interests of the People.  Reversing this imbalance of power cannot be achieved in one election, but only through a continuous awareness of the issues and those ideologies that run contrary to the principles and values embodied within the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

Government must be held accountable for uncontrolled spending, creation of unfunded entitlements, and onerous legislation that stifles economic growth.  No Congress, President or Supreme Court Judge has precedent over our Constitution.  They are all men given the power to govern by the governed.

We the People are duty bound to change or replace any Government whenever it becomes abusive with its power over the People.  Challenge every candidate, newcomer or incumbant about their knowledge of and understanding of the oath to uphold and protect, not change the Constitution.

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