Putting Congress to the Test Again

by Richard H. Frank

In the 234 year history of America no administration has ever been as much out of touch with the citizenry as is the Obama Administration.  The Carter Administration was inept at governance.  The Obama Administration, on the other hand, is intentionally forcing their statist political ideology and agenda in a calculated plan to destroy our Representative Republic.  Each and every initiative taken by this Administration is opposed by the majority of the electorate.  The statistics don’t lie:

  • Obamacare opposed by 60% of the people.
  • Cap and Trade opposed by 70% of the people
  • The Stimulus Legislation viewed by 94% of the people as a failure
  • Immigration Reform opposed by 65% of the people instead of the alternative of enforcement of the current laws
  • Most recently, signing of the START Treaty for nuclear arms reduction opposed by 55% of the people.

Now we are facing the appointment of a Supreme Court Justice to replace John Paul Stevens.  Obama has publicly stated he will appoint a candidate that supports the law and  will reflect the “Will of the People” when making decisions.  Notice he failed to mention “upholding, protecting and defending the Constitution.”

Certainly Obama has not walked the talk when it comes to supporting  the Will of the People.  The Senate must exercise their power of advice and consent carefully as they debate any and all nominations made to fill vacancies to the Supreme Court.

Obama’s pledge to “fundamentally change America” is a pledge for European-style socialism and eventually Marxism.  If the vision of the Founders is to be maintained, a balance for equal powers within our Government is essential.  The chains of the Constitution were broken with adoption of the 17th Amendment where the states’ influence on the Senate was virtually abolished.  Now we rely upon the Supreme Court to interpret the Constitution in a manner that sustains the balance of power intended as enumerated in our Constitution.

“We the People” must make our voices heard with regard to letting the Senate know our concerns and support for upholding the principles and values enumerated in the Constitution and not political ideology of any party or special interest.  We also must remind them that this is a lifetime appointment and not a mistake that can be correct in the next election.  Remember “We the People” are the ultimate authority and sovereigns in our Representative Republic.  If the Senate violates their oath to uphold the Constitution by either ratifying this new START Treaty without analyzing the full consequences or by confirming a Supreme Court replacement that does not represent the will of the “People”, vote them out of office.  Our memories must not be short.  We must hold our elected representatives responsible at the ballot box.

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