The Obama Administration Needs to Face Reality!

By: Richard H. Frank

With everyday that passes our country falls into greater economic distress under the Obama administration. The administration is either totally incompetent and not able to recognize the truth, or they are arrogant beyond belief and think the people are stupid enough to believe any lie they tell us. Examples of assertions on the part of  the Administration are as follows:

  • The economy is in recovery and the worst has passed. This may be a jobless recovery.
  • Small businesses are being helped by tax incentives and credits to hire more employees. This is all part of the Democrat’s legislative initiatives.
  • Under Obamacare the average family’s health care premiums will be reduced by $2500.00.
  • There will be no tax increase for anyone earning less than $250,000 or was it $200,000 per year.
  • Ninety-five percent of Americans have received a tax cut under the Obama Administration.
  • We have saved or created 2 million jobs as a result of the Stimulus legislation.

My wife and I recently returned from a trip that covered extensive parts of Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama and Florida. Nowhere could we see any evidence to support any of the foregoing Administration’s assertions. On the contrary, what we did see were businesses closed that rely largely on tourism. One in four restaurants that thrived, in some cases for 25 – 40 years, are now gone forever. Shopping centers and malls sit abandoned or with vacancies approaching 50%. It is not unusual to find between 50 – 70% of houses for sale or undergoing foreclosure, especially in industrialized areas that once supported the Automotive Industry.  Many homes have been totally abandoned and left to vandals who steal the major mechanical and electrical systems from these homes many of which are new or less than 10 years old.

The small businessmen that are still able to survive indicate that bank loans are next to impossible to obtain. Their working capital is tightly restricted and they are relying on cash flow to maintain their dwindling inventories. None are indicating their intention to hire new employees, and as more information becomes available regarding Obamacare they may in fact reduce their workforce.

Those communities whose businesses rely heavily on tourism have been devastated. In states such as Michigan and Florida it is not unusual to find 30% have been forced to close their doors. In Michigan the downward spiral began in 2007 and continues today largely due to high unemployment associated with the struggling Automotive Industry.

The Obama Administration is content to blame all the bad news on the Bush Administration and their recognition that only they are smart enough to clean up the mess through out of control spending, onerous regulation of the financial industry and outrageous taxing in order to keep the ship of state afloat.

Criticism of Obama’s policies are met with charges of racism and any suggestion to change his course of action by dramatic spending cuts and reduction in taxes are dismissed out of hand. The President’s latest 17 minute rambling discourse in answer to a woman’s question as to how his policies were helping her are further evidence of a leader out of touch with the people he was elected to serve.

The Democrats and the President continue to show distain for the Tea Party Patriots and the 912 movement in this country as fringe radical groups not representative of America. In fact these groups are the real reflection of the American electorate. They stand for the rights of and responsibility of the individual, small government and the return to the principles and values enumerated in the Constitution. Continuing to underestimate these groups by either political party or philosophy is done so at their own risk. Americans will only take so much abuse from the government before they stand up and remind our elected representatives who they work for and who is the sovereign.

The time is now for change we really can believe in and a return to our Representative Republic form of government with elected officials that truly reflect the will of “We the People”.

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