The Slippery Slope for Life-We Grieve for America’s Unborn Babies and Pray for the Elderly

by Jayne D. Frank

The pleas of a baby not yet born can only be advocated and supported by those Americans that celebrate life.  My brief comments follow on the heals of the most disastrous legislation affecting the unborn that I have seen in my lifetime.  Bart Stupak didn’t just cave – he compromised the principles he espoused for the unborn and has proven that money and power hold more value for him.  There is nothing in the health care legislation that passed that will prevent women from using their own money to get abortions, and more importantly, any Executive Order that President Obama signs is fully revocable and is superseded by law, so this Order is not worth the paper it’s printed on.  American’s know what this is all about.  The continuation of the secular Progressive Agenda of Barack Obama.

I keep thinking back to the philosophy of many of the Obama Administration “advisors” within the White House.  They have said many times that the very young and the very old are not “productive citizens” and therefore the bulk of America’s resources should not be aimed at them but should be focused on the middle group that are useful and productive members of society (in other words, taxpayers).  So many billions of dollars will be thrown into the pot in this healthcare bill and you will never see where the community health centers to be created under this law are using their funds.  Since so many Planned Parenthood centers have come under attack for encouraging and performing abortions, Alinsky’s “rules for radicals” have taken precedent  and the Administration has just shifted the “game” to the community centers which will be largely located in low income areas where the majority of unwed women get pregnant.

Today, I grieve for what could have been and what has transpired yesterday by throwing our unborn babies “under the bus.”  How long will it be until health care is rationed for the elderly so that they too have no voice on whether they live or die.

March 21, 2010: A New Date that Will Live in Infamy!

by Richard H. Frank

The President, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are all celebrating the historic passage of their health care reform legislation.  Putting aside for the moment the issue of Constitutionality, this legislation is a giant step in Obama’s commitment to “fundamentally change America” from a Representative Republic to that of a Socialist European-type of democracy.  This is the first step toward tyranny in America and reinforces Nikita Khrushchev’s statement that “America would be destroyed from within.”

When 59% of Americans across this nation have expressed their opposition to the Democrat’s bill and demanded that Congress start over, their vote for passage today was a slap in the face to their constituents.  Bi-partisanship and real transparency promised by Obama are dead in Washington evidenced by all the closed-door deal making, promises and threats against those that oppose this legislation.  Those Representatives who indicated that their “yes” vote was a vote of “conscience” betrayed the very constituents they represented; they were not sent to Washington to vote their conscience.

The prospects for repealing the law in the 112th Congress should the Republicans regain control in 2010 are dim so long as Barack Obama holds the power to Veto any effort for repeal.

The fight must now revert to the States to assert their 10th Amendment Rights and regain the balance of power prescribed within the U.S. Constitution.  In the interim, every American that cherishes his or her liberty must continue to fight for true representative government and vote EVERY CONGRESSMAN THAT VOTED FOR THIS ONEROUS BILL OUT OF OFFICE!

The Democrats contend that once America experiences the new law, they will embrace it and thank the 111th Congress since they knew better than the American people.  This idea that Americans are uneducated, selfish and are willing to mortgage their children’s future for Government takeover of 1/6th of our economy is ludicrous.  To quote Congressman Acee Hastings “There ain’t no rules; we make it up as we go along.”  That is a good definition for the manipulation and corruption residing within Government today and specifically the 111th Congress.

The fight for real health care reform must continue and this legislation, just as with prohibition, must be repealed for a return to free market principles and control.

Let not the passage of time diminish our resolve to do what is REALLY right and in the best interests of our children and a free America.  Fight On for the liberty of “We the People”!

The Ultimate Challenge to Obamacare will be the Wisdom of Our Founding Fathers

by Richard H. Frank

Watching the machinations and corruption taking place in Congress today should make every American appreciate the wisdom embodied within our Constitution drafted by our Founding Fathers.  They debated the scope and powers to be delegated to the Federal Government by the States and ultimately by the People and insured that the sovereignty of the People would supersede that of the Federal Government.

Congress and the Executive Branch have, over the past 50 years, repeatedly exceeded their authority by passing legislation and creating administrative bureaucracies that limit free enterprise and suppress the very liberty of the individual.  Today the size and far reaching scope of the Federal Government overshadows the States in total disregard for the Tenth Amendment of the Constitution.

Congress’ job approval with regard to their pursuit of legislation that nationalizes our natural resources, the automotive industry and the nation’s financial system, as well as healthcare, is at a record low.  The People recognize a shift from our being a Representative Republic to Socialism when they see it.  Thankfully, it appears that State Legislatures around the nation are rallying to the voices of the People and standing up for their Constitutional rights over the Federal Government.

The States recognize their legal standing and power under the Constitution and are preparing to challenge the Federal Government in Court to regain the balance of power guaranteed to them under the Tenth Amendment.  Thirty-four States are considering legislation to exempt them from Obamacare should it pass and the President signs it into law.  These States recognize that political ideology and Presidential “Legacy” have no province over the Constitution.  They also recognize that real reform within the health care system can better be achieved with true free market competition principles over Government mandates.

The enduring strength of our Republic as envisioned by the Founders is about to be put to the test.  If the Rule of Law is to prevail in the United States of America the limits of power upon the Federal Government as enumerated in the Constitution must be upheld.

Barack Obama’s Betrayal to His Oath to “Protect and Defend the Constitution”of the United States of America

By: Richard H. Frank

President Obama said that he wanted to “fundamentally change the United States of America”. Today during an interview on Fox News the President arrogantly interrupted Bret Baier and stated he didn’t care about the process used by Congress to pass health care reform. Apparently, the elite Constitutional professor, now our President, Barack Obama, never read Article I section 7 of the document. The process DOES matter, Mr. President, and you are a hypocrite to say it doesn’t matter. You are betraying your oath to the Constitution. What will it take before America sees you for the Marxist you really are?

Representative Republic my rear end! You and the 111th congress have turned our Republic into a mockery. Assuming the rule of law still exists in this country a nationwide rebellion will rise up and challenge the constitutionality of this legislative process and the legislation itself. ”We the People” will only be pushed so far before we push back. Should you sign this onerous legislation into law if passed by any process other than that prescribed in the Constitution the people will neuter your presidency in the 2010 election.

The President contends that this legislation is deficit neutral, when by all logic and any measure it cannot reduce the deficit and will increase taxes for all Americans. He was frustrated by questions being asked about the unconstitutional process being contemplated by congress to pass this bill and was unable to address what the bill did contain. He allowed it to slip that the bill when passed would eventually impact one sixth of the economy over time in a manner that would not be disruptive to the country. What planet does Obama live on anyway?

Seventy percent of Americans oppose this legislation and yet the President insists if passed it will assure that the “mythical Medicare Trust fund” will be strengthened by $500 Billion in cuts over time.  Who does he think he is kidding? He didn’t answer a single tough question during the Fox interview but stumbled and stammered, reverted to doubletalk and finally fell back on his rhetoric that “It is the right thing to do”. Once again we saw arrogance and hypocrisy on display by President Obama.

The Constitution in Crisis!

Richard H. Frank

This week the legislative process in Congress will reach an historical low point as the Democrat-controlled House attempts to steam roller the Constitution and ram their ill-conceived health care reform bill to approval using whatever means necessary to achieve victory. Manipulation of Parliamentary Rules, bribes and threats all combine to expose the corruption at work in both Houses of Congress.  Should “We the People” allow these unconstitutional tactics to be employed, we will have no one to blame but ourselves for loss of liberty and the eventual demise of our Republic.

The legislation which will undoubtedly reach Obama’s desk to be signed into law is opposed by so many Americans that 34 state legislatures are contemplating passage of state law exempting them from recognizing the Bill.  It is time for the legislatures in all  50 states to exercise their 10th Amendment Rights and challenge this unprecedented power grab by the Obama Administration and the 111th Congress.

The Democratic majority’s strategy in the House of Representatives to force acceptance of the Senate Bill and the Reconciliation Fix through various versions of the “Slaughter Solution” is in direct violation of Article I, Sec. 7 of the Constitution.  Any attempt to invoke this measure should result in the immediate impeachment and removal of the House Leadership.  Lacking action by Congress, the states must exercise their constitutional duty to challenge these tactics and force the Federal Courts to stay any further action on the legislation while it is referred to the Supreme Court to determine the constitutionality of the legislative process and provisions of the Bill itself.

Nancy Pelosi and the Congressional leadership are content to replace our Constitution which they have sworn to uphold, with Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals.”  Since they don’t like the rules they will just change the rules.  This fight is no longer about “health care reform.”  It is about preserving the Constitution of the United States of America.

Our Constitution must be held sacred as the “law of the land” transcending any political party, Congress and/or President.  No individual or entity, save our Creator, should have province over the Constitution.  The document contains within itself the means for Amendment and therefore, any and all attempts to circumvent that process must be stopped!

“We the People” of America must take a stand here and now to “protect and preserve” our Constitution whenever and wherever threatened even by those we have elected to represent us.  Demand that Congress abide by their limits on power, and should they not, challenge them through the Judiciary to stop abusing their authority.

House Members and Americans-You are Being Lied To by Pelosi!

by Jayne D. Frank

This morning, after a great deal of research, I finally landed on one of the  Congressional websites in my search for the as yet “hidden” reconciliation bill that was being marked up today by the House Budget Committee.  This bill supposedly is the one that will “accompany” and follow a House vote on the Senate health care bill.  It is allegedly going to  “fix” those issues that concern Republicans and many House members who didn’t vote the first time for the bill.   Those concerns were presented in the 2/25 sham of a health care summit meeting.

Well, I didn’t even get half way through the bill before I was convinced this is all devised to pull the wool over the eyes of the American public and give House members cover when they go to vote on the Senate Bill.  Having worked for and with corporate law departments for years, I know that you cannot create a solution to a problem without starting from scratch.  You can’t keep marking up and marking up a document; something always slips through that was not intended.  The multiple page bill that the House Budget Committee is supposed to be marking up this afternoon still contains all of the many bureaucracies in it such as the Health Choices Administration (some members just appointed by the President), the Health Benefits Advisory Committee, extensive audit capabilities for the Feds to randomly audit companies and providers so that they can “fall in line.”  There are all the old tricks that say in one breath that you can keep your old insurance, but it inevitably punishes insurers  to the point that they will have to drop you and have you go to the Government-run exchange.

The bill talks about all the “Trust Funds”, some not to exceed $10 billion, that are going to be financed on the backs of “taxes” for those that don’t insure, and any one with a brain knows this is a scheme just to keep health care spending off the books of the budget so the numbers look better.

When I came to the language that indicates that the public option is available for those people not either in individual grandfathered policies or not in the exchange, I just decided to quit and not waste my time anymore, because this is all a lie!

If Nancy Pelosi, the President and the House are so intent on fixing what is wrong with the Senate Bill, as expressed by the American People and by the Republicans, why are they allowing ANY bill with language so fully rejected by the People, to even get “marked up” by the Budget Commission as a pretense for doing a reconciliation Fix bill for healthcare?  There is always a possibility of language slipping through that has been soundly rejected and that is what Pelosi is counting on.

This writer, for one, is thoroughly disgusted at my Government and this whole healthcare process.  I fervently urge my fellow Americans and the House of Representative Members to vote “NO” on the Senate bill and the reconciliation bill.  You know it is a lie and if you vote yes, I hope you can sleep at night with what you have done to our Country.  We cannot afford this!

The House of Representatives Isn’t Representing the Will of the People

by Richard H. Frank

The Capital Hill circus continues as all the political pundits and news media talking heads regurgitate talking points in support of their particular viewpoint. Representatives from the House are elected by their constituents to represent their interests when drafting legislation.  Today, however, the interests of party have taken precedent over that of the People.

Nancy Pelosi contends that the vast majority of Americans are in favor of health care reform.  She is correct.  However, the vast majority of Americans are NOT in favor of either the Senate or House versions of legislation pending reconciliation in Congress.  House members are being pressured to pass the flawed Senate Bill with a promise that it will be fixed through reconciliation in the Senate once it becomes law.  Please, give us a break!  Since when can we trust Congress to do what they promise?  Once the bill is passed and signed by Obama it will disappear into oblivion and forever alter our health care system in America.

If you believe a combination of all the polling data taken regarding Obamacare, the opposition to the legislation is between 52% and 65%.  Today 431 House members are being courted by the White House for their vote.  Heaven only knows what sort of horse trading promises or threats are taking place behind closed doors.  If, however, Congress fulfilled their pledge to represent their constituents, the vote against passage of the Senate Bill would fall somewhere between 224 and 280 against.

Should Pelosi deliver the 216 votes in favor of the Bill it is truly evident that the House of Representatives no longer supports the will of the People.  The conventional wisdom, recognized by “We the People” is to reject this legislation and start over again.  The world will not come to an end if Congress does the responsible thing and begins anew, but could put us on the road to the end of our Republic should they not start over.