Obamacare – A Fatal Blow to the Constitution

by Richard H. Frank

One week ago today the Health Care Reform Bill was signed into law by President Obama.  Within days of his signing this disastrous legislation America’s major corporations such as AT&T, John Deere and Caterpillar are reporting the devastating impact this law will have on earnings and the ultimate value to shareholders of the companies themselves.  Like it or not, Mr. President, this is an “intended consequence” in your mission to “fundamentally change America” and redistribute wealth.

But hold on America, we have yet to hear from the insurance industry as to the “intended consequences” for having to accept pre-existing conditions and have their premium structure under Government control.  An example of what will happen has already occurred in Michigan with regard to homeowner insurance.  As a result of the massive unemployment, rate of foreclosures and people walking away from their mortgages and property, insurance claims and risk assessments have risen in Michigan.  Our company presented us with a 35% increase in the yearly premium even though we have never had a claim with them and the assessed value of the property has dropped dramatically.  The same logic will and must prevail with health insurance companies if they are to remain viable and stay in business.  It has already been reported that because health insurance companies now must put aside 85% instead of the old 65% to pay claims caused by the passage of this law, they are projecting that they will be out of business in the private market within 2-3 years, which is another “intended consequence” of Obamacare.  I can safety predict rates for health insurance will rise by a minimum of 30% for the next renewal cycle at the end of the year (well after the mid-term election).  Be sure to keep this in mind next November when you vote for your representatives in Congress who have exempted themselves from the new law.

Since businesses and most individuals will not be able to afford these massive premium increases they will be forced to drop their coverage and either revert to the Government exchanges or simply pay the penalty tax in lieu of being insured.  The more people and businesses forced to take this action, the less revenue will flow to the Government to pay for the reform.  Hence, a new crisis will have been created, and to which the Government must react, and presto, just like magic, Obama will have achieved his ultimate objective to get a single-payer total Government-controlled, socialized health care system for America.  It may take 3 years to reach this goal, but rest assured the progressives are patient and it is all laid out in their plan to “fundamentally change America and the World.”

This battle against socialism has just begun and every thinking American must remain vigilant and stand against financial reform, immigration law reform and cap and trade that would further empower the Federal Government over our lives and further redistribute the remaining wealth of the nation.  Should the Supreme Court fail to overturn the health care law as being unconstitutional, it will have struck the first of many fatal blows to our Constitution and our Republic.  Keep pressure on your State Legislatures to fight the Federal Government and preserve their and our 10th Amendment Rights.

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  1. I in no way advocate violence.
    Today, March 23, 2010, is a date which will live forever in history, as a stain on freedom. Today the President, Senate and the House of Representatives violated their oath to uphold The Constitution Of The United States Of America by knowingly and willingly passing a law which violates our Constitution, everything it stands for and everyone who has stood by it.
    Today, if you stand by Boston Harbor, The Old North Church or Concord Bridge, ……you can feel them. If you look upon The Liberty Bell or stand in Independence Hall, …….you can feel them. If you are in Yorktown, Valley Forge or on the shores of the Delaware,……. you can feel them. If you visit Gettysburg or Andersonville, …….you can feel them. If you are in Bataan, Iwo Jima, Anzio or Normandy, …….you can feel them, their presence is growing stronger. They are calling out to us.
    They wear powdered wigs and three corner hats. They are clad in Blue and Grey. They wear Kaki, Olive Drab and Camouflage. They are all calling out. At first you can barely hear them, but they are calling. Their voices grow louder and louder, becoming a thunderour roar heard in every part of the land. They are rising from their graves and calling out to all Americans. Don’t let Freedom die! Don’t let freedom die! Those who gave their lives for this country are calling. Rise up, Rise up they say. Stand together. Stand together, don’t let Freedom Die! Save this country we gave our lives for, Don’t let freedom die!
    Richard Card March 23,2010

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