Obama Administration’s Blueprint for Socialism

By: Richard H. Frank

Never let a crisis go to waste. If there is no crisis, then create one. Take the time to study what occurred in Germany during the 1930’s and you will find that all the elements leading to the National Socialists Party taking power in Germany then are present in America today. The economic crisis, soaring unemployment, bankruptcies and rationing of scarce resources were all crises, real or manufactured, that ultimately destroyed the Weimar Republic. The National Socialists, like the progressives in the United States today, first targeted the educational system which had largely been under the control of religious based organizations. They removed all evidence of religion from the schools and promoted a secular curriculum that favored the state and socialist teachings. Banking was nationalized along with industry deemed critical to the national security. The health care system was nationalized and resulted in massive taxing of the German people, rationing of care, elimination of research and ultimately decisions by the government over life and death of the people. Rule by Presidential decree eventually replaced the voting process and legislation was enacted under the “Enabling Act” granting the Chancellor the power of decree in situations where national security was involved. This eventually led to a dictatorship governing Germany.

History records that all of the above changes took place in the period between 1930 and 1938 and like an avalanche began slowly and picked up speed until the German people were totally engulfed under a tyrannical dictatorship called the Third Reich. The Liberal Progressives in America have been thwarted by world events that caused Americans to reject many of their initiatives and therefore have moved slowly over the past 70 years to infiltrate our government to pursue their socialist statist agenda. With the election of Barack Obama and his proclamation that he will “fundamentally change America,” the mask has been removed from the progressives and their Marxist agenda is now in the open for everyone to view.

Affordable health care suddenly became a crisis although no American was refused care under the law that existed previously. According to progressives, global warming and greenhouse gas emissions is now a crisis that can only be cured through punitive legislation called Cap and Trade. The name is just another use of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals where if the language is rejected, just change the language. The legislation should rightly be called Cap and Tax. Immigration Reform is the next agenda item for the progressives asserting that current law keeps contributing undocumented immigrants in hiding for fear of deportation when all they want to do is provide for their families. It is of no matter to the progressives that these people have broken the law, so they will just change the law granting them amnesty and a rapid road to citizenship.   They will attempt to ram Immigration Reform legislation down the throats of Americans instead of insisting the current law is enforced. Further regulation of the financial system and the Banking Industry will increase government control over the private sector of our economy and result in higher costs for businesses and retard economic recovery and growth of the Gross National Product. All of these initiatives if allowed to become law, coupled with our out-of-control national debt, will enslave the people of this nation for decades to come and ultimately destroy the Republic. Only “We the People” still retain the power to stop the progressives from following the blueprint of the National Socialist Party in Germany and restore our government to the Representative Republic envisioned by the founding Fathers.

2 Responses

  1. So Americans, what are you willing to do ?
    Should we trust the Republicans, who have done little to stop the infestation of foreigners entering our nation illegally since the 1986 Amnesty ?
    I find it a travesty that Washington has allowed tens of thousands of American men, women and children Murdered, Raped, Assaulted, Kidnapped and Robbed by these foreigners since 9/11 , because of open borders and not completely enforcing our immigration laws !
    I find it unbelieveable that our government has allowed these foreigners to destroy our Medical, Educational, Welfare and all other public assistance programs meant for less fortunate Americans .
    Once again they ignore the American people and passed an unsustainable Healthcare Bill !
    For the first time in history, the Social Security is paying out more than it is taking in . And they want to give our Social Security benefits to work done in our nation by foreigners in our nation illegally !
    When will it end ! It will end we are all part of the Welfare system and the government has complete control of our lives unless we get off our collective backsides and do somethingt !

  2. I find it disgusting to compare our president and congress to the Nazi takeover of Germany, but, historical facts and the actions of our present administration speak for themselves right down to “Reconcilliation” as the catalist to change from a 2/3 vote to a simple majority. The manufacturing of racial hatred, the ridicule of a segment of the population, the desire to silence oposition by controlling freedom of speech follows the pattern. Next we will have a national emergency to give them an excuse to institute martial law and suspend our right to vote thereby creating a dictatorship. What will follow after that? All conservatives will have to wear a Teabag sewn on our clothes so we can be easily identified, ridiculed and placed in camps to “protect” society? Is the expansion of the IRS and the Health Care Enforcement the institution of a new “Private Army”? I hear talk of “Death Panels” to determine who gets treatment and whose treatment costs too much, it’s not much of a reach from there to a “Selection Officer” for those who don’t agree. I think this all this stuff I just said is maybe, quite a bit too far out…or maybe history is about to repeat itself.

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