Death Spiral for Our Republic!

By: Richard H. Frank

History has shown that the life cycle for any Democracy, Republic or Dictatorship is ultimately dependent upon the ideology as the basis of the legitimacy for that form of government. Ultimately should that ideology run contrary to the will of the people it will be replaced either through referendum or revolution.

Our Founding Fathers were true visionaries in that they provided within our Declaration of Independence and the Constitution the peaceful means by which we can perpetuate our Republic. The danger lays with those whom we have elected to represent and speak on our behalf to preserve this nation by adhering to the principles espoused by the Founders.

Today we find an ideology that has crept into the halls of Congress and the Judiciary that runs contrary to many of the principles and values enumerated in our Constitution. Our elected representatives have moved this nation in a direction that will ultimately end in tyranny. Government mandates and regulation reach into every facit of American life. The free enterprise system which has been the engine powering the phenomenal growth in our economy is being assaulted daily by the statist progressives currently in control of the Federal government.

It was announced today that Social Security payments would exceed revenues collected for the first time since the program was enacted in 1935. The Social Security Trust Fund will now have to redeem some of the $2.4 Trillion in IOU’s to meet the promises to pay our senior citizens. Of course the Federal government doesn’t have the money to pay with so they will either borrow more from nations like China and increase the deficit further, or just print more dollars further eroding the value of our currency.

As a Nation we can no longer afford unfunded mandates. Social security and Medicare alone represent $42 Trillion that will have to be borne by future generations. As for those politicians and individuals that assert the United States will never become bankrupt, I would refer them to history and the demise of the Weimar Republic 80 short years ago.

If our elected representatives were to remove their ideologically tinted glasses, and view our situation for what it really is, they would never have voted to pass the Health Care Reform legislation now law in America. George Orwell, author of the novel 1984, was a visionary with regard to how America would look if ever governed under tyranny. He was, however, off by about 100 years in his projection of when it would happen. Should we as a Nation continue to believe that big government and the nanny state are the only solutions to problems in America, then we have preordained the death of the republic.

There is still time to reverse course and return America to a nation governed from the center and not influenced by radicals at either end of the political spectrum. Study history to recognize the warning signs and elect representatives that will uphold the vision of our Founders and our Constitution. This the only way to stop the death spiral of our Republic.