How Obama Care Will Cause The Loss of Your Insurance!

By: Richard H. Frank

For those people who actually believe any of our esteemed legislators  and Obama himself actually read and understood the Affordable Health Reform Bill, I have some real estate on the moon for sale real cheap. After three days of attempting to read anything definitive in the bill I now understand how the Democrats gathered their talking points. Each point they touted comes from the BOLD paragraph headings in the bill followed by legal references to other laws while having no specifics enumerated in the bill itself. A snake oil salesman from the nineteenth century would be proud to have been able to push this 2500 page monstrosity. The bill contains so many mandates upon existing Insurance companies that it will take them months to understand the impact they will have on the cost of doing business. Once they do however, rest assure that these costs will be passed on to us the consumer in the form of higher premiums. Obama and the Democrats can then vilify the Insurance Industry once again for gouging the public. In fact the Insurance Industry operates on less than a 3% profit margin today which would not be encouraging to investors over the long haul. Hang on to your hats as premiums will “necessarily skyrocket” to use Obama’s words and result in employers and individuals dropping their coverage and pay the fines as they will be dramatically lest costly.

Sounds good doesn’t it? Well unfortunately the death spiral for Insurance Companies will have begun as the cost of care will not have decreased but revenues to stay in business will shrink to the point that they will not be able to sustain the business. So, maybe not this year or maybe the next, but rest assure within 3 to 5 years private insurance will either be priced beyond our financial reach or will no longer be in existence. Gosh, that only leaves the government exchange, or will it be the single payer system like Canada and Great Britain?

The die has been cast for Socialized Medicine in America and it will just be a matter of time before government will have usurped another freedom from us, our freedom of choice. The only means we have to stop this travesty is through the courts. We must insist that our State Legislatures sue the Federal government and challenge the constitutionality of this tyrannical legislation.

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