The Slippery Slope for Life-We Grieve for America’s Unborn Babies and Pray for the Elderly

by Jayne D. Frank

The pleas of a baby not yet born can only be advocated and supported by those Americans that celebrate life.  My brief comments follow on the heals of the most disastrous legislation affecting the unborn that I have seen in my lifetime.  Bart Stupak didn’t just cave – he compromised the principles he espoused for the unborn and has proven that money and power hold more value for him.  There is nothing in the health care legislation that passed that will prevent women from using their own money to get abortions, and more importantly, any Executive Order that President Obama signs is fully revocable and is superseded by law, so this Order is not worth the paper it’s printed on.  American’s know what this is all about.  The continuation of the secular Progressive Agenda of Barack Obama.

I keep thinking back to the philosophy of many of the Obama Administration “advisors” within the White House.  They have said many times that the very young and the very old are not “productive citizens” and therefore the bulk of America’s resources should not be aimed at them but should be focused on the middle group that are useful and productive members of society (in other words, taxpayers).  So many billions of dollars will be thrown into the pot in this healthcare bill and you will never see where the community health centers to be created under this law are using their funds.  Since so many Planned Parenthood centers have come under attack for encouraging and performing abortions, Alinsky’s “rules for radicals” have taken precedent  and the Administration has just shifted the “game” to the community centers which will be largely located in low income areas where the majority of unwed women get pregnant.

Today, I grieve for what could have been and what has transpired yesterday by throwing our unborn babies “under the bus.”  How long will it be until health care is rationed for the elderly so that they too have no voice on whether they live or die.

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