March 21, 2010: A New Date that Will Live in Infamy!

by Richard H. Frank

The President, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are all celebrating the historic passage of their health care reform legislation.  Putting aside for the moment the issue of Constitutionality, this legislation is a giant step in Obama’s commitment to “fundamentally change America” from a Representative Republic to that of a Socialist European-type of democracy.  This is the first step toward tyranny in America and reinforces Nikita Khrushchev’s statement that “America would be destroyed from within.”

When 59% of Americans across this nation have expressed their opposition to the Democrat’s bill and demanded that Congress start over, their vote for passage today was a slap in the face to their constituents.  Bi-partisanship and real transparency promised by Obama are dead in Washington evidenced by all the closed-door deal making, promises and threats against those that oppose this legislation.  Those Representatives who indicated that their “yes” vote was a vote of “conscience” betrayed the very constituents they represented; they were not sent to Washington to vote their conscience.

The prospects for repealing the law in the 112th Congress should the Republicans regain control in 2010 are dim so long as Barack Obama holds the power to Veto any effort for repeal.

The fight must now revert to the States to assert their 10th Amendment Rights and regain the balance of power prescribed within the U.S. Constitution.  In the interim, every American that cherishes his or her liberty must continue to fight for true representative government and vote EVERY CONGRESSMAN THAT VOTED FOR THIS ONEROUS BILL OUT OF OFFICE!

The Democrats contend that once America experiences the new law, they will embrace it and thank the 111th Congress since they knew better than the American people.  This idea that Americans are uneducated, selfish and are willing to mortgage their children’s future for Government takeover of 1/6th of our economy is ludicrous.  To quote Congressman Acee Hastings “There ain’t no rules; we make it up as we go along.”  That is a good definition for the manipulation and corruption residing within Government today and specifically the 111th Congress.

The fight for real health care reform must continue and this legislation, just as with prohibition, must be repealed for a return to free market principles and control.

Let not the passage of time diminish our resolve to do what is REALLY right and in the best interests of our children and a free America.  Fight On for the liberty of “We the People”!

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