The Ultimate Challenge to Obamacare will be the Wisdom of Our Founding Fathers

by Richard H. Frank

Watching the machinations and corruption taking place in Congress today should make every American appreciate the wisdom embodied within our Constitution drafted by our Founding Fathers.  They debated the scope and powers to be delegated to the Federal Government by the States and ultimately by the People and insured that the sovereignty of the People would supersede that of the Federal Government.

Congress and the Executive Branch have, over the past 50 years, repeatedly exceeded their authority by passing legislation and creating administrative bureaucracies that limit free enterprise and suppress the very liberty of the individual.  Today the size and far reaching scope of the Federal Government overshadows the States in total disregard for the Tenth Amendment of the Constitution.

Congress’ job approval with regard to their pursuit of legislation that nationalizes our natural resources, the automotive industry and the nation’s financial system, as well as healthcare, is at a record low.  The People recognize a shift from our being a Representative Republic to Socialism when they see it.  Thankfully, it appears that State Legislatures around the nation are rallying to the voices of the People and standing up for their Constitutional rights over the Federal Government.

The States recognize their legal standing and power under the Constitution and are preparing to challenge the Federal Government in Court to regain the balance of power guaranteed to them under the Tenth Amendment.  Thirty-four States are considering legislation to exempt them from Obamacare should it pass and the President signs it into law.  These States recognize that political ideology and Presidential “Legacy” have no province over the Constitution.  They also recognize that real reform within the health care system can better be achieved with true free market competition principles over Government mandates.

The enduring strength of our Republic as envisioned by the Founders is about to be put to the test.  If the Rule of Law is to prevail in the United States of America the limits of power upon the Federal Government as enumerated in the Constitution must be upheld.

One Response

  1. The men who founded this nation had a much deepere appreciation for freedom than do most Americans today.

    After all, they paid for it with blood.

    If push came to shove, would we be willing to do that today…or are we just talkers?

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