Barack Obama’s Betrayal to His Oath to “Protect and Defend the Constitution”of the United States of America

By: Richard H. Frank

President Obama said that he wanted to “fundamentally change the United States of America”. Today during an interview on Fox News the President arrogantly interrupted Bret Baier and stated he didn’t care about the process used by Congress to pass health care reform. Apparently, the elite Constitutional professor, now our President, Barack Obama, never read Article I section 7 of the document. The process DOES matter, Mr. President, and you are a hypocrite to say it doesn’t matter. You are betraying your oath to the Constitution. What will it take before America sees you for the Marxist you really are?

Representative Republic my rear end! You and the 111th congress have turned our Republic into a mockery. Assuming the rule of law still exists in this country a nationwide rebellion will rise up and challenge the constitutionality of this legislative process and the legislation itself. ”We the People” will only be pushed so far before we push back. Should you sign this onerous legislation into law if passed by any process other than that prescribed in the Constitution the people will neuter your presidency in the 2010 election.

The President contends that this legislation is deficit neutral, when by all logic and any measure it cannot reduce the deficit and will increase taxes for all Americans. He was frustrated by questions being asked about the unconstitutional process being contemplated by congress to pass this bill and was unable to address what the bill did contain. He allowed it to slip that the bill when passed would eventually impact one sixth of the economy over time in a manner that would not be disruptive to the country. What planet does Obama live on anyway?

Seventy percent of Americans oppose this legislation and yet the President insists if passed it will assure that the “mythical Medicare Trust fund” will be strengthened by $500 Billion in cuts over time.  Who does he think he is kidding? He didn’t answer a single tough question during the Fox interview but stumbled and stammered, reverted to doubletalk and finally fell back on his rhetoric that “It is the right thing to do”. Once again we saw arrogance and hypocrisy on display by President Obama.

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