The House of Representatives Isn’t Representing the Will of the People

by Richard H. Frank

The Capital Hill circus continues as all the political pundits and news media talking heads regurgitate talking points in support of their particular viewpoint. Representatives from the House are elected by their constituents to represent their interests when drafting legislation.  Today, however, the interests of party have taken precedent over that of the People.

Nancy Pelosi contends that the vast majority of Americans are in favor of health care reform.  She is correct.  However, the vast majority of Americans are NOT in favor of either the Senate or House versions of legislation pending reconciliation in Congress.  House members are being pressured to pass the flawed Senate Bill with a promise that it will be fixed through reconciliation in the Senate once it becomes law.  Please, give us a break!  Since when can we trust Congress to do what they promise?  Once the bill is passed and signed by Obama it will disappear into oblivion and forever alter our health care system in America.

If you believe a combination of all the polling data taken regarding Obamacare, the opposition to the legislation is between 52% and 65%.  Today 431 House members are being courted by the White House for their vote.  Heaven only knows what sort of horse trading promises or threats are taking place behind closed doors.  If, however, Congress fulfilled their pledge to represent their constituents, the vote against passage of the Senate Bill would fall somewhere between 224 and 280 against.

Should Pelosi deliver the 216 votes in favor of the Bill it is truly evident that the House of Representatives no longer supports the will of the People.  The conventional wisdom, recognized by “We the People” is to reject this legislation and start over again.  The world will not come to an end if Congress does the responsible thing and begins anew, but could put us on the road to the end of our Republic should they not start over.

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