House Members and Americans-You are Being Lied To by Pelosi!

by Jayne D. Frank

This morning, after a great deal of research, I finally landed on one of the  Congressional websites in my search for the as yet “hidden” reconciliation bill that was being marked up today by the House Budget Committee.  This bill supposedly is the one that will “accompany” and follow a House vote on the Senate health care bill.  It is allegedly going to  “fix” those issues that concern Republicans and many House members who didn’t vote the first time for the bill.   Those concerns were presented in the 2/25 sham of a health care summit meeting.

Well, I didn’t even get half way through the bill before I was convinced this is all devised to pull the wool over the eyes of the American public and give House members cover when they go to vote on the Senate Bill.  Having worked for and with corporate law departments for years, I know that you cannot create a solution to a problem without starting from scratch.  You can’t keep marking up and marking up a document; something always slips through that was not intended.  The multiple page bill that the House Budget Committee is supposed to be marking up this afternoon still contains all of the many bureaucracies in it such as the Health Choices Administration (some members just appointed by the President), the Health Benefits Advisory Committee, extensive audit capabilities for the Feds to randomly audit companies and providers so that they can “fall in line.”  There are all the old tricks that say in one breath that you can keep your old insurance, but it inevitably punishes insurers  to the point that they will have to drop you and have you go to the Government-run exchange.

The bill talks about all the “Trust Funds”, some not to exceed $10 billion, that are going to be financed on the backs of “taxes” for those that don’t insure, and any one with a brain knows this is a scheme just to keep health care spending off the books of the budget so the numbers look better.

When I came to the language that indicates that the public option is available for those people not either in individual grandfathered policies or not in the exchange, I just decided to quit and not waste my time anymore, because this is all a lie!

If Nancy Pelosi, the President and the House are so intent on fixing what is wrong with the Senate Bill, as expressed by the American People and by the Republicans, why are they allowing ANY bill with language so fully rejected by the People, to even get “marked up” by the Budget Commission as a pretense for doing a reconciliation Fix bill for healthcare?  There is always a possibility of language slipping through that has been soundly rejected and that is what Pelosi is counting on.

This writer, for one, is thoroughly disgusted at my Government and this whole healthcare process.  I fervently urge my fellow Americans and the House of Representative Members to vote “NO” on the Senate bill and the reconciliation bill.  You know it is a lie and if you vote yes, I hope you can sleep at night with what you have done to our Country.  We cannot afford this!

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