A President in Panic

by Richard H. Frank

Today’s announcement by the White House that President Obama will cancel his upcoming Asian trip to continue focusing on health care reform seems to expose a huge crack in support for the legislation.  Nancy Pelosi sent a message to the White House with regard to Obama’s imposed deadline of March 18 for a vote on the Senate Bill, that the President does not set the legislative calendar.  The real message to the President is that she does not have the 216 votes necessary to pass the Bill.

President Obama knows that should health care reform, his key initiative, fail while the Democrats hold a majority in the House of Representatives, it will effectively end his Presidency during the first term and result in a “lame duck” administration in power through 2012.  Frustration and anger show in his face and his voice as he once again shifted into campaign mode in an attempt to convince the Republic of the urgency to pass the legislation.

The public, however, has seen just how transparent his arguments and promises are in reality.  Obama knows that the number of Americans grows daily in opposition to the reform legislation now in Congress and they are  overwhelmingly demanding that Congress start over and produce a new piece of legislation for reform.  He knows that should the bill not pass before the Easter Recess, constituents of House members will deluge them and demand they vote against this disastrous legislation.

President Obama needs to heed the words of Abraham Lincoln when he said “A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand.”  Unfortunately, our President is a product of Chicago-style politics and rules for radicals and thinks he can bully, threaten and bribe others to achieve his ends.

All the political maneuvering and manipulation of rules in Congress and the President’s endorsement of an “up or down” vote on this major piece of legislation further shows his contempt for our Constitution and paranoid mindset to push this bill into law.  The Founders knew that any piece of legislation that would impact the lives of every American and the stability of the Republic should not be countenanced by a simple majority but require a super majority representing the voice of the people in order to become law.

That is exactly why the 60-vote Rule is imposed upon the Senate and must be upheld.  The voice of the people is clear in their opposition to this Bill and demands that Congress start over.  After 14 months of endless debate and failure to achieve passage of the bill while he possesses a majority in both Houses of Congress, Obama is either politically stupid or arrogant beyond all comprehension.

Now in a panic mode, he is suspending his trip to Asia to continue to push the agenda.  Could it possibly be that he is becoming aware of the opposition to his visit in Jakarta and Bali and other quarters of Indonesia?  The veil of invincibility surrounding Obama for the first few months of his Presidency is crumbling rapidly.  If he was half as experienced as Bill Clinton he would step back and take stock of his prospects for reelection and abandon his quest to “fundamentally change America.”  Personally, I think “ego” will prevent him from recognizing he is NOT the Messiah!