Obamacare – Killing us Softly, or More Accurately – Slowly!

by Richard H. Frank

Americans need to step back and take a long, broad look at the “Affordable Health Reform” campaign being waged by President Obama and our democratically-controlled Congress in order to understand their real objective for health care in America.  Their promise of reducing costs, insuring 30 million additional Americans, bending the cost curve and reducing the national debt are only intended to gain support from uninformed voters  The truth is that passage of the legislation currently in Congress is just the first step in their liberal progressive agenda to arrive at a Government-controlled, single payer, socialized system similar to that of Canada and the U.K.

If one thing can be said about progressives, it is that they are patient and persistent in pursuit of their goals.  The tactic of proposing a massive overhaul of our current health care system and then reverting to a less drastic proposal in the guise of political bi-partisan compromise, when challenged by the voters, is all part of their plan.  They believe that, like a frog placed in a pot of cool water on a stove, we will not notice their real intention to softly or slowly kill us.

For those of you that may favor a single payer system, please consider the following:

  • Cancer 5 year survival rate:

USA- 65%            UK-46%                Canada-42%

  • Treatment for diabetes within 6 months of diagnosis:

USA-93%             UK-15%                Canada-43%

  • Hip replacement within 6 months:

USA-90%             UK-15%                Canada-43%

  • Seen by a specialist within one month of referral

USA-71%             UK-14%                Canada-18%

  • Low income 65+ years and in excellent health:

USA-12%             UK-2%                  Canada-6%

If our present health care system is in such a critical crisis as President Obama would have us believe, how can he explain results in the USA as opposed to Canada and the UK?  Obviously the President, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have no good answer to that question.  If they had done their homework, they would know the answers to my question.

Survival rates, access to treatment and the overall status of our health is a product of our free market system.  The reason Canada and the U.K. lag so far behind America can be summed up as follows:

  • Universal coverage has overwhelmed their hospitals and physician accessibility through treatment of every minor malady as opposed to those needing priority.
  • Shortages of doctors and facilities have resulted in rationing and long waits for treatment.
  • The overwhelming cost pressure on their systems has stifled research and development for new modern technologies.
  • Priorities for coverage and treatment have been removed from the doctor/patient and placed in the hands of some Government entity, agency or bureaucrat.

There is no doubt that the health insurance system needs some measure of reform in America.  Constitutionally that reform should rest within the province of the States and not the Federal Government.  Common sense reform taken at the state level to allow purchases nationwide, tort reform that caps malpractice damages and state-sponsored co-ops for small businesses to buy coverage at preferential rates should be the measures endorsed by President Obama and Congress.

Should Congress pass the pending legislation, the initial step to socialized medicine will have been taken in America.  Within a generation, the health care statistics will mirror Canada and God forbid within two generations we will look just like the U.K.  The statistics are real and the consequences to America and our Republic will be devastating.

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