Hypocrisy at Its Highest

by Richard H. Frank

President Obama and the Democrats in Congress stand up in front of the American public and contend that their new health care legislation will increase coverage for 30 million people and close the donut hole for seniors who today must decide whether to spend their money on food or medications.   The proposed legislation is said to be paid for by elimination of fraud and waste within the Medicare system along with taxation to generate $1 trillion.  Recently Congress passed the Pay Go Bill which demands that any legislation find money within the current budget to pay for any new spending.  Jim Bunting (R-KY) was vilified for taking a stand against spending to extend unemployment benefits amounting to $10 billion without first finding the money to pay for it within the current budget.

Today we find that the Social Security Administration, who said that a 2% cost- of- living increase is not warranted for seniors, is funding $24 million for new electronic medical records processing FOR OUR CONGRESSMAN AND SENATORS!  Another IOU in the Trust Fund lock box is Congress’ idea of “Pay Go.”  According to the Social Security website, this money will be coming from the “savings” to be generated from withholding cost -of- living increases for 2010 and 2011 from seniors’ Social security Increases  (money that has not been appropriated), and a $2 increase on all Medicare prescription benefit co-pays.  Most seniors understand that recent economic conditions have resulted in non-payment of cost- of- living increases.  What they do not understand is how Congress can siphon funds from the mythical lock box for the Social Security Trust Fund.  Many seniors find it difficult today to meet everyday living expenses such as utilities, food, and rent, not to mention their medical expenses.

Additionally, our elected representatives have just voted themselves another 3% salary increase.  Where did Pay Go find the funds to appropriate these increases?

Granted, $24 million is a small amount compared to the trillions being spent by our government.  However, it seems as though Congress and our President have no scruples when it comes to stealing money from Social Security, a fund that they have previously robbed of $2.4 trillion.   The height of hypocrisy within the Congress has no limits!  Their actions with regard to the cost- of -living increases should be viewed with alarm as it represents what may be to come with the $500 billion savings forecast from Medicare within the proposed health care legislation.

I think Congress and the Social Security Administration needs to think twice before expending funds for electronic medical records for Congress.  Seniors represent the largest voting block in this Nation and are sick and tired of bearing the brunt of actions from selfish, arrogant members of Congress!  Every senior needs to contact their representatives with opposition to these proposed actions.  Likewise, they should demand that Congress repeal any salary increases they have voted for themselves in the coming year which obviously are being applied to the deficit.  Should they fail to act, they do so at their own peril in the coming 2010 election.

One Response

  1. Now the chicken come home to roost – this social security calamity is the beginning of inevitable sovereign default and bankruptcy, after which even these IOUs are worthless. Siphoning money out of Social Security via these IOUs in effect will just mean you were paying a higher, non-redeemable income tax all those years.

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