What Healthcare Will “NOT” deliver-President’s March 6 Weekly Address

by Jayne D. Frank

This is our rebuttal of President Obama’s Weekly Propaganda Address on Healthcare.  Besides the mere fact that the Government cannot handle any program without spending millions more than anticipated, and many of their programs are dismal failures (i.e., stimulus, job creation, cash for clunkers), etc., we will address his specific points made today:

  • The Government cannot stop rescissions of health insurance policies in all individual plans.  Once a law is passed, insurers and employers will find it more advantageous to them to “pay a fine” and will drop individuals knowing they can go to Obama’s “marketplace exchange”
  • Adult Americans are the majority of those not qualified for some insurances because of preexisting conditions. The whole notion of covering preexisting conditions under the new Affordable Health Care bill may be smoke and mirrors, unless coverage cannot be denied for any reason, which no insurance provider would accept.  We  have a novel ideal for many preexisting conditions such as COPD, many cancers, diabetes, etc.  Why not “hike” the insurance for lifestyle choices of people, such as obesity and smoking, that are the real culprits for raising everyone’s insurance premiums instead of throwing everyone into a high risk pool (more Government control).  What about personal responsibility?
  • Can you fathom the bureaucracy required for Obama’s “annual review of unreasonable increases in premiums…?  This is undoubtedly one area that the CBO has not been able to score nor will it be able to estimate.
  • The new “ombudsman programs” are just another gigantic bureaucracy shifted to the states along with the cost to administer which will cost the taxpayers millions and will not take care of our existing health care problems. Tort reform and buying across state lines would be incremental changes that address the issue of costs.
  • The expanded “appeal” process for consumers, relative to insurance provider decisions, is just more Big Government and doesn’t fix anything while adding cost and time to the process. The patient may be dead before the process is concluded.
  • Requiring all insurance companies to use uniform insurance documents adds more government paperwork and doesn’t allow people to assess differences in coverage unless they are allowed to “shop” across state lines.  They will be stuck with their state insurance providers or will have to go to the “Government run exchanges”
  • Obama is once again  attempting to vilify insurance companies by suggesting that they should not give preferential rates to “highly compensated employees” as opposed to those of less compensation. In truth the employers determine the extent of the benefit packages they offer employees in order to attract highly talented people.  His attempt to level the playing field for benefits is another ploy  to try and bring about redistribution of wealth and put all employees on the same level as those that are “highly talented and motivated.”
  • Covering adult children in their parent’s plan until they are 26 encourages young adults to be stay at home and not be responsible adults.  What happened to the many millions of us that got out of our parent’s house, received our education while working and took responsibility for our own lives, including obtaining our own health insurance.  This policy would cost millions for the taxpayer and would promote and reward laziness
  • You can offer small business all the tax credits you want, but businesses live and die on profits and cash flow.  Any business having a choice of either paying a $3000 “fee” for not insuring an employee, or insuring that employee for “12000” will obviously choose the fee.

The President in  his speech today failed to address the Senate version of health care which makes no provision for you to keep your current plan or your doctor in the long run. We can only hope that Congressional members with any integrity at all will see through the continuation of lies by the Administration and do the right thing by the American people – Vote “No” on the Senate Bill and any “Obama” fixes and truly make health reform an incremental but focused agenda item to fully debate and vote upon in the coming year.  Don’t forget the bottom line – House has only to pass the Senate Bill and then IT goes to Obama to sign into law – he has no intention of doing any “fixes” to the Senate Bill.

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