His Majesty, Lord Obama, Prince of Arrogance

by Richard H. Frank

When 75% of Americans are opposed to health care reform structured in any form resembling the House and Senate Bills, what are we to think about Obama’s latest push to disregard our Constitution and jam his agenda down our throats?  I thought we lived in a Representative Republic, or am I wrong?  Since when does the President have the authority to override Congressional Rules, an equal branch of the Government?

Of course for a “statist” that believes our Constitution is seriously flawed, everything is possible and anything goes.  The President’s support of having an “up or down” vote, reconciliation, by any other name, flies in the face of his own position against using that process while he was in Congress.

Today, he stated he would sign the legislation when it reached his desk, not for political considerations, but because it is the right thing to do.  His attempt to sprinkle the legislation with the crumbs of Republican proposals is laughable.  In reality, we have a President who is desperate to establish his legacy now before the impact of his socialist agenda becomes evident to every American.

With every passing day, we see the evidence of an individual holding the office of President of the United States that lacks the qualifications and experience for that office.  His demonstrated arrogance during the State of the Union Address by admonishing the Supreme Court for its recent decision on campaign finance funding, shows his contempt for an equal branch of Government.  It would appear that his knowledge of Constitutional Law, of which he is purported to be an expert, is seriously flawed. Somehow, Barack Obama thinks his election raised him to a position of royalty possessing the Divine Right of Kings.  Our Declaration of Independence removed “We the People from the yoke of the divine right of kinds more than 200 years ago.  Our Democratic controlled Congress and Barack Obama, arrogantly march forward in their quest for control over every aspect of life in America.  Their political ideology, if left unchecked, will ultimately destroy our Republic.

Barack Obama, Prince of Arrogance, is more concerned with his “historic election” and how he is viewed by the world at large, than upholding his sworn oath to Protect and Defend the Constitution.  He and Congress have severely damaged the free enterprise system by passing legislation that is retarding economic recovery while adding trillions to our national debt, a burden to be paid for by generations  yet unborn.

Should Congress and the President force this legislation upon Americans, we MUST exercise our duty to remove every representative that votes for this Bill from office and limit Obama to one term as President.

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