Obamacare – A Fatal Blow to the Constitution

by Richard H. Frank

One week ago today the Health Care Reform Bill was signed into law by President Obama.  Within days of his signing this disastrous legislation America’s major corporations such as AT&T, John Deere and Caterpillar are reporting the devastating impact this law will have on earnings and the ultimate value to shareholders of the companies themselves.  Like it or not, Mr. President, this is an “intended consequence” in your mission to “fundamentally change America” and redistribute wealth.

But hold on America, we have yet to hear from the insurance industry as to the “intended consequences” for having to accept pre-existing conditions and have their premium structure under Government control.  An example of what will happen has already occurred in Michigan with regard to homeowner insurance.  As a result of the massive unemployment, rate of foreclosures and people walking away from their mortgages and property, insurance claims and risk assessments have risen in Michigan.  Our company presented us with a 35% increase in the yearly premium even though we have never had a claim with them and the assessed value of the property has dropped dramatically.  The same logic will and must prevail with health insurance companies if they are to remain viable and stay in business.  It has already been reported that because health insurance companies now must put aside 85% instead of the old 65% to pay claims caused by the passage of this law, they are projecting that they will be out of business in the private market within 2-3 years, which is another “intended consequence” of Obamacare.  I can safety predict rates for health insurance will rise by a minimum of 30% for the next renewal cycle at the end of the year (well after the mid-term election).  Be sure to keep this in mind next November when you vote for your representatives in Congress who have exempted themselves from the new law.

Since businesses and most individuals will not be able to afford these massive premium increases they will be forced to drop their coverage and either revert to the Government exchanges or simply pay the penalty tax in lieu of being insured.  The more people and businesses forced to take this action, the less revenue will flow to the Government to pay for the reform.  Hence, a new crisis will have been created, and to which the Government must react, and presto, just like magic, Obama will have achieved his ultimate objective to get a single-payer total Government-controlled, socialized health care system for America.  It may take 3 years to reach this goal, but rest assured the progressives are patient and it is all laid out in their plan to “fundamentally change America and the World.”

This battle against socialism has just begun and every thinking American must remain vigilant and stand against financial reform, immigration law reform and cap and trade that would further empower the Federal Government over our lives and further redistribute the remaining wealth of the nation.  Should the Supreme Court fail to overturn the health care law as being unconstitutional, it will have struck the first of many fatal blows to our Constitution and our Republic.  Keep pressure on your State Legislatures to fight the Federal Government and preserve their and our 10th Amendment Rights.

Children of God, Children of Respect

Jayne D. Frank

Regular readers of our blog know that my husband is the expert on Constitutional matters and I prefer to try to highlight the more basic problems in our society that have resulted in where we now stand; i.e. with growing numbers of our younger generations having far left or liberal views of society.  I expect that as with my article on smoking, I will receive comments not from the people who agree with me, but from the fringe that is in total denial and refuses to take personal responsibility for their choices in life.  That is the case with this article on some of our children and grandchildren.

This article was precipitated by the young anchors on Fox & Friends Weekend today who ran a few segments on whether it was right to bribe children to eat their vegetables and do chores.  This made my blood boil and after reflecting for a while I knew exactly why.  In my own family I have seen the disastrous results from giving children liberties they did not earn and rewards for lack of respect.

In my 20s my sister and I had both been raising children and there could not have been two totally distinct methods employed to raise our children.  My sister and I were raised by our parents and grandparents in the 50s and 60s to “honor thy father and mother” and to respect authority, our elders and authority figures.  Therefore, these are the behavioral guidelines I brought forth for raising my son as well, otherwise known as “tough love.”  My sister chose a much more liberal path for raising her children, mostly influenced by liberal teachings while attending  her university.  It  first manifested itself when we would go to restaurants and my son, and probably the majority in the restaurant during those decades, would be expected to sit quietly at the table until we were done eating.  He could order whatever he wanted but he was reminded to finish whatever he ordered.  My sister, on the other hand, permitted her children to climb up on the backs of booths and look at other people, to get up and meander through the restaurant and seldom reminded them not to interrupt adults talking.   When in the mall, my child was expected to stay with me and if all went well he would  spend some time in the game room to enjoy his part of the outing.  He was not permitted to run through the mall or stores or pick up anything without asking.  Again, my sister did not have that perspective and many times stayed home because her kids just didn’t want to go with her.   I know personally that there were many problems at home with her children because she did not enforce the same rules we both grew up with.

Today, sadly, my sister has been laying in a hospital bed for 5 years 95% paralyzed by a stroke  caused by smoking. (I say that for the woman who commented on my smoking article that I had no evidence before me that smoking causes health problems).  Her children were 25 and 29 at the time and are now 30 and 34.  They do not come to see her; not because they don’t love her, but because she did not enforce the principle of honoring your parents, respecting their authority, and honoring their “value” as human beings.  They did not have those fundamental values of “family” instilled in them at an early age and now they have pretty much abandoned her, using the excuse that she is no longer the mother they once knew.

For years, I have been watching a growing disrespect among children, fostered by their parents, in all kinds of public places.  Children, especially teenagers, run through entry doors of buildings, often times almost causing elderly people coming in to become unbalanced.  They sit or run in the aisles of stores and their parents do nothing about it, causing people to either turn around or try to step around them.  They talk in church and often get up several times in the middle of  a service, or their children will sit backwards on the seat in front of you and turn around and stare.  We have all experienced children who sit on airplanes and kick the backs of seats where people are sitting in front of them. In both cases, parents do nothing, because they themselves have not been taught otherwise.  When you call adults on the phone now, often times you either are faced with children answering the phone who have no knowledge whatsoever of how to answer the phone nor how to take a message properly for their parents.  Or you do get to talk to the adult and hear the children in the background shouting “mommy, mommy” to which the parent never responds.

Fewer and fewer teachers get much satisfaction out of their jobs anymore because a handful of children get rowdy and spoil the “adventure” of learning for the rest of them.  There is dwindling  respect for teachers, law enforcement, parents, the elderly and little common courtesy for others in a public environment.  Again, this article talks only about the growing problem in our society and does not speak to those children who have been brought up with traditional family christian values.

When Ted Kennedy died and his casket went past the Congressional offices, I was horrified at the demeanor of many of the 20-something people in the crowd.   They were chatting with their colleagues, texting on phones during this procession and they didn’t sing  our national anthem or other patriotic songs, because they simply don’t know the words and have respect enough for our country to learn them.

My point of all this is simple.  The basic fundamental values of “respect”  are learned from an early age and that is why we are having so much trouble in our society right now.  People walking past other people who are hurt in the street, gutter language being used by music artists and teenagers in front of an elderly stranger; we just don’t take care of each other any longer.    How can a society of 340 million people stand for its liberties if we don’t understand how liberty is earned.

One cannot say that all of this is a reflection of how busy parents are now.   I worked full time during my son’s early years but made sure he had quality time with me and had a support network of authority figures around him while I was working to instill values in him.  I made sure that his education always reflected that and questioned with boldness when I thought educational curriculum was getting too liberal.  I do have a wonderful close relationship with my son now and he has been a blessing; I can say that I am proud of the young man he has turned out to be.

My values have not come without a price and I am willing to accept that.  My stepson’s children who were expected to behave properly in my house while there don’t visit anymore because their parents don’t teach them respect for other’s possessions nor respect for their elders; I am saddened by this but hope that someday they will understand as their own children get older.

Gaining back our respect for authority, for parents, for strangers, and for our Country can do nothing but solve some of our ills and improve us as a people.   I am not an expert and don’t pretend to be.  But my husband and I have lived over 60 years each and both of us have seen and experienced so many changes and events in our lives and we think that experience could help us on our path to healing in this country, and we hope this article brings these solutions to light.  I fear we have lost our moral compass in America!

Obama Administration’s Blueprint for Socialism

By: Richard H. Frank

Never let a crisis go to waste. If there is no crisis, then create one. Take the time to study what occurred in Germany during the 1930’s and you will find that all the elements leading to the National Socialists Party taking power in Germany then are present in America today. The economic crisis, soaring unemployment, bankruptcies and rationing of scarce resources were all crises, real or manufactured, that ultimately destroyed the Weimar Republic. The National Socialists, like the progressives in the United States today, first targeted the educational system which had largely been under the control of religious based organizations. They removed all evidence of religion from the schools and promoted a secular curriculum that favored the state and socialist teachings. Banking was nationalized along with industry deemed critical to the national security. The health care system was nationalized and resulted in massive taxing of the German people, rationing of care, elimination of research and ultimately decisions by the government over life and death of the people. Rule by Presidential decree eventually replaced the voting process and legislation was enacted under the “Enabling Act” granting the Chancellor the power of decree in situations where national security was involved. This eventually led to a dictatorship governing Germany.

History records that all of the above changes took place in the period between 1930 and 1938 and like an avalanche began slowly and picked up speed until the German people were totally engulfed under a tyrannical dictatorship called the Third Reich. The Liberal Progressives in America have been thwarted by world events that caused Americans to reject many of their initiatives and therefore have moved slowly over the past 70 years to infiltrate our government to pursue their socialist statist agenda. With the election of Barack Obama and his proclamation that he will “fundamentally change America,” the mask has been removed from the progressives and their Marxist agenda is now in the open for everyone to view.

Affordable health care suddenly became a crisis although no American was refused care under the law that existed previously. According to progressives, global warming and greenhouse gas emissions is now a crisis that can only be cured through punitive legislation called Cap and Trade. The name is just another use of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals where if the language is rejected, just change the language. The legislation should rightly be called Cap and Tax. Immigration Reform is the next agenda item for the progressives asserting that current law keeps contributing undocumented immigrants in hiding for fear of deportation when all they want to do is provide for their families. It is of no matter to the progressives that these people have broken the law, so they will just change the law granting them amnesty and a rapid road to citizenship.   They will attempt to ram Immigration Reform legislation down the throats of Americans instead of insisting the current law is enforced. Further regulation of the financial system and the Banking Industry will increase government control over the private sector of our economy and result in higher costs for businesses and retard economic recovery and growth of the Gross National Product. All of these initiatives if allowed to become law, coupled with our out-of-control national debt, will enslave the people of this nation for decades to come and ultimately destroy the Republic. Only “We the People” still retain the power to stop the progressives from following the blueprint of the National Socialist Party in Germany and restore our government to the Representative Republic envisioned by the founding Fathers.

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? Apparently the Democrats

by Jayne D. Frank

What do small kids do when they find themselves in trouble?  Blame their brothers, sisters or friends; anything to avoid repercussions for what they themselves did wrong.  Well our Congress is not any different.  They have dised the American  People, ignored their will, and in large majority voted for this health care debacle which will have deleterious effects for us, our children and our grandchildren for decades to come.  As a result, We the People have spoken – we will vote you out of office in 2010.

The Democrats have been scrambling for what to do about this, and voila!  The anarchists, crazy people and low lifers that are at the fringe of either party, gave them the perfect ammunition this week to attempt to  dissuade the American people from voicing their opinions any longer and perhaps stopping their attempts to replace the Dems in November.  These extremists emailed, called and one even took a shot at a Congressman’s office in the name of this health care vote, so out come the “Democratic talking points.”

They now are generalizing and calling the Tea Party and 912 movements “racist,” “hateful” and downright dangerous.

I for one left my business and my family in Michigan and went to the huge 9/12/09 Washington, D.C. protest and rally which saw about 2 million people put their lives aside to come to Washington to stand for 4-6 hours in the sun, before the Capital Steps, to say “No.”  I personally walked towards the Capital with blacks, Vietnam vets, people in wheelchairs, and  huge amounts of  young adults worried about the debt we were leaving them.  I talked to people in their 70s and 80s, some of whom came to Washington only weeks after knee and hip surgery, to make sure their voices were heard.  We stood with our hand-made signs, and there wasn’t a single incident in Washington of violence from these millions of people who stretched from the Capital to the Washington Monument. Afterwards, there was no trash dumped on the sides of the street, and in fact, the Capital Police said that this was the most respectful crowd that they had seen in a long time come to protest in Washington, D.C.

There are 340 million people in the United States, and a pretty solid 59% of voters, for the last 9 months, have been expressing their disgust and disapproval of the massive Government takeover of healthcare.  We went to town hall meetings, rallied in D. C. on little notice, met with our representatives, wrote Congress and the President, wrote blogs.  Often times, we put aside the desires of our kids to do what was right for them and try to make Congress understand that we did not want this Government-controlled healthcare bill.

We will not permit the dangerous fringe elements and the charges of “racism” from mostly the fringe elements of Congress, to deter us in our quest to turn back the spending, replace the Congressman who voted for this bill, and as Glenn  Beck advocates, restore honor to our Government.

Democrats, you only demean yourselves when you stoop to calling your American constituents names and we will do our job peaceably in November.   The new Administration is well versed in the Alinsky’s philosophy, one part of which is to manufacture crises.  We Americans pray to God that the Government does their job and pursues those truly perverted individuals who would threaten anyone’s life because of passage of a bill.

Death Spiral for Our Republic!

By: Richard H. Frank

History has shown that the life cycle for any Democracy, Republic or Dictatorship is ultimately dependent upon the ideology as the basis of the legitimacy for that form of government. Ultimately should that ideology run contrary to the will of the people it will be replaced either through referendum or revolution.

Our Founding Fathers were true visionaries in that they provided within our Declaration of Independence and the Constitution the peaceful means by which we can perpetuate our Republic. The danger lays with those whom we have elected to represent and speak on our behalf to preserve this nation by adhering to the principles espoused by the Founders.

Today we find an ideology that has crept into the halls of Congress and the Judiciary that runs contrary to many of the principles and values enumerated in our Constitution. Our elected representatives have moved this nation in a direction that will ultimately end in tyranny. Government mandates and regulation reach into every facit of American life. The free enterprise system which has been the engine powering the phenomenal growth in our economy is being assaulted daily by the statist progressives currently in control of the Federal government.

It was announced today that Social Security payments would exceed revenues collected for the first time since the program was enacted in 1935. The Social Security Trust Fund will now have to redeem some of the $2.4 Trillion in IOU’s to meet the promises to pay our senior citizens. Of course the Federal government doesn’t have the money to pay with so they will either borrow more from nations like China and increase the deficit further, or just print more dollars further eroding the value of our currency.

As a Nation we can no longer afford unfunded mandates. Social security and Medicare alone represent $42 Trillion that will have to be borne by future generations. As for those politicians and individuals that assert the United States will never become bankrupt, I would refer them to history and the demise of the Weimar Republic 80 short years ago.

If our elected representatives were to remove their ideologically tinted glasses, and view our situation for what it really is, they would never have voted to pass the Health Care Reform legislation now law in America. George Orwell, author of the novel 1984, was a visionary with regard to how America would look if ever governed under tyranny. He was, however, off by about 100 years in his projection of when it would happen. Should we as a Nation continue to believe that big government and the nanny state are the only solutions to problems in America, then we have preordained the death of the republic.

There is still time to reverse course and return America to a nation governed from the center and not influenced by radicals at either end of the political spectrum. Study history to recognize the warning signs and elect representatives that will uphold the vision of our Founders and our Constitution. This the only way to stop the death spiral of our Republic.

How Obama Care Will Cause The Loss of Your Insurance!

By: Richard H. Frank

For those people who actually believe any of our esteemed legislators  and Obama himself actually read and understood the Affordable Health Reform Bill, I have some real estate on the moon for sale real cheap. After three days of attempting to read anything definitive in the bill I now understand how the Democrats gathered their talking points. Each point they touted comes from the BOLD paragraph headings in the bill followed by legal references to other laws while having no specifics enumerated in the bill itself. A snake oil salesman from the nineteenth century would be proud to have been able to push this 2500 page monstrosity. The bill contains so many mandates upon existing Insurance companies that it will take them months to understand the impact they will have on the cost of doing business. Once they do however, rest assure that these costs will be passed on to us the consumer in the form of higher premiums. Obama and the Democrats can then vilify the Insurance Industry once again for gouging the public. In fact the Insurance Industry operates on less than a 3% profit margin today which would not be encouraging to investors over the long haul. Hang on to your hats as premiums will “necessarily skyrocket” to use Obama’s words and result in employers and individuals dropping their coverage and pay the fines as they will be dramatically lest costly.

Sounds good doesn’t it? Well unfortunately the death spiral for Insurance Companies will have begun as the cost of care will not have decreased but revenues to stay in business will shrink to the point that they will not be able to sustain the business. So, maybe not this year or maybe the next, but rest assure within 3 to 5 years private insurance will either be priced beyond our financial reach or will no longer be in existence. Gosh, that only leaves the government exchange, or will it be the single payer system like Canada and Great Britain?

The die has been cast for Socialized Medicine in America and it will just be a matter of time before government will have usurped another freedom from us, our freedom of choice. The only means we have to stop this travesty is through the courts. We must insist that our State Legislatures sue the Federal government and challenge the constitutionality of this tyrannical legislation.

Why Americans MUST change this Abusive Government!

by Richard H. Frank

In the period between February 25 and March 21, 2010, America witnessed Government at its worst.  The Presidential health care dog and pony show, touted by Obama supporters as his attempt for bi-partisanship and transparency, was a sham in that none of the Republican initiatives are included in the reconciliation bill language.  Because of public outrage against the Democrats’ attempt to pass the bill without a vote, or the “Slaughter deem and pass” process, Nancy Pelosi was forced to resort to bribes and pressure tactics in order to secure the votes to pass the bill.

Bart Stupak and his pro-life Democrat Caucus caved to pressure of the Party and now contends that a promised “Executive Order” has set their fears to rest.  If you had the intestinal fortitude to watch C-Span on Sunday, the lies concerning insurance premium cost reductions, job creation and deficit reduction were glaringly apparent.

Paul Ryan’s presentation of the real costs of Obamacare were completely ignored during the debate since the Democrats could not refute his analysis.  With each passing day the public will become acutely aware of the special deals cut by the Obama White House and the pharmaceutical companies, the unions and specific states in order to obtain their endorsement.  Drug companies are protected against their brand name products from having to compete with generic products.  The importation of drugs from outside the United States is also banned unless they are registered with our health care bureaucrats. Costs to the consumer must rise as competition has been virtually eliminated by this Bill.

The CBO has once again been co-opted into presenting an analysis based on false assumptions.  Even the CBO has attempted to couch their analysis as being “preliminary” and wholly dependent upon Medicare cuts, double counting some revenue streams and/or spending the same dollar twice and an unlikely growth in GDP based on today’s economic conditions in America.

The real travesty was eloquently summed up by the House Minority Leader John Boehner when he stated that the House of Representatives had betrayed their constituents.  The process being used to orchestrate the outcome desired by the White House brought shame on the institution of “The House of Representatives.”

The integrity of our elected representatives in Congress has been put to the test and those that have voted for this legislation have failed the test.  Nancy Pelosi invoked the Declaration of Independence in her closing remarks for the debate.  She asserted incorrectly  that the right to health insurance equated to that of “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”  Speaker Pelosi, let me remind you of some other pertinent quotations from the Declaration of Independence:

“Governments are instituted among men, deriving their just power from the consent of the governed.”   You will find you no longer have our consent.

“That whenever any form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it  is the right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and institute a new Government…”  Ms. Pelosi, prepare to be replaced!

“But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, presuming invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new guards for their future security.”  Obama’s pledge to fundamentally change America is an affront to our Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

Nancy Pelosi and the liberal progressives blindly supporting Obama’s agenda must, and will be overcome in the 2010 Congressional Elections.  “We the People” are the ultimate sovereigns according to our Constitution and must exercise our right to change this abusive Government.

The Declaration of Independence and our Constitution provide all the tools to fight and their preservation is the reason  why we must continue the fight against statism.!