Three Summers of Discontent

by Jayne D. Frank

Many of you read our blog and other web articles concerning current events in Washington.  I have been particularly interested in what articles people are reading and where their interests are most focused.  Recently, because of the release of the President’s Health Care Proposal and the impending 2/25 Health Care LOL “Summit,” we wrote a long analysis of this Proposal on Healthcare and are very surprised at the lack of interest in this subject anymore.  Has America given up their fight?  Knowing the fundamental Constitutional principles upon which your struggle has been based, have you no patience and sustainability in continuing this fight?  Americans are getting tired and angry trying to enforce adherence to our constitution by our legislators, because unlike the plethora of organizations and groups that elected Obama, we are fighting this fight one person at a time, one organizing group at a time, and we don’t have the ingrained machine that is at the fingertips of the White House.  They fully intend  to get their Agenda items pushed through before the elections!

The spring and summer is fast approaching and most Americans inundated with unusual amounts of snow this year will be planning their outside activities for themselves and their families.  As we have indicated in previous articles, if you don’t remain steadfast in educating yourself on the Constitution, on the daily events happening with legislative bills being pushed through Congress and/or brought up by the President, you will get to the end of your fall season and wonder how so much damaging legislation was passed that will forever affect you and your family.  At the end of summer, candidates will be out campaigning for their 2010 Senate and House seats, and you may  not know enough about them to make a knowledgeable, conservative choice to place your vote in November; we cannot afford to make any mistakes in 2010.

Please realize that the, Organizing for America, progressive organizations, unions, and Acorn spinoffs, as well as President Obama’s “youth movement” that he put together for his election, are going to be working overtime this summer.  They will be pushing to make sure Obama’s very costly and wasteful health care plan is passed, that more “stimulus” money is approved by Congress and that destructive energy policies are enacted.  These Obama groups are lining up to support their progressive candidates in the November election and they will work tirelessly this year to raise funds and campaign for them and against any Conservative Republican candidates.

Sun, beaches, vacations, barbecues and parties are all important, but please don’t discontinue your good work.  Read, listen to the news, follow Congress’ proposed legislation, seek out and attend rallies and protests, and get behind good candidates.  Progressives are counting on you to slack off.

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