If you Can’t Attack the Message, Attack the Messenger

by Richard H. Frank

In an article written in Politico.com by Kenneth P. Vogel and Michael Calderone entitled “Beck’s CPAC Coming Out Party” prior to his address to the convention, the article  seems to be asserting that Glenn Beck is somehow not qualified to be making the speech.  Like many in the media, they have, in the article, selected snippets of Mr. Beck’s comments, taken out of context, to reinforce their somewhat slanted view of the 912 and Tea Party movement.  The entire focus of their assertion is that Glen Beck’s only motives are for self-enrichment and personal aggrandizement.  Mr. Vogel and Mr. Calderone are entitled to their opinions and their skepticism of Glenn Beck, but not the truth in his message.

Because they find it difficult to place a tag on his politics as Republican or Democrat, let me help them.  The grass-roots movements so pervasive in America today support limited Government, maximum freedoms and a return to the principles enumerated in the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution.  They view the damage inflicted on this Country by the “progressive liberals” over the past 50 years as detrimental to the survival of our Republic.  Glenn Beck and “Mercury Radio Arts” have become a voice for “We the People” who overwhelmingly support a label of “Constitutional Conservatives.”

I think Mr. Beck’s message tonight will be straight talk to Republicans urging them to return to the base principles that the party has historically represented and turn away from those that espouse moderation and bi-partisonship with progressives.

As for Mr. Beck becoming wealthy as a result of his beliefs, more power to him!  He is doing the job of re-educating Americans in a way the public school institutions have not for over 50 years.

So to Politico, an organization I used to respect, I say “Just because you don’t like the messenger, don’t disregard the message.  It just might save this nation!

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