Obama’s Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform is “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

by Jayne D. Frank

President Obama today announced another diversion tactic designed to convince the  American people that he was serious in confronting the soaring U.S. deficit; an 18-member “bi-partisan” commission designed to study and address the issues which might bring the deficit down.  However, this commission is a “table without legs” because there is nothing in the establishmenet of the commission which will force the Congress to act on any of the inevitable findings.  The commission will be headed by Erskin Bowles, a true liberal populist who falls in line with Nancy Pelosi’s “pay go” rhethoric and he is very left-leaning on his stances on expanding the EPA, stopping any further oil drilling, and is a big health care advocate.  Also on the commission is Alan Simpson, who although a moderate, is totally ensconsed and comfortable in his substantial government pension for the rest of his life and would have no scrupples in pulling the plug or severely limiting benefits for seniors and otherwise suggesting severe cuts or reforms on the social security and medicare programs, and not necessarily on the programs and new legislation that President Obama wants to advocate which would severely add to our deficit.  Neither person, therefore, is totally without his own agenda.

The wolf in sheep’s clothing regarding this Commission is the fact that one of the most talked about recommendations to come out of this Commission will not be that President Obama and Congress curtail their spending and pork projects, but that the Government should go after Big Business and Middle American once again by adding a value-added tax (VAT).  This tax would not be in place of any Federal or State tax, which now eats up between 35% and 55% of income but would be added onto the cost of consumer goods, which Nancy Pelosi has called for.  It would punish businesses and farms, and would severely punish average households as they would be encouraged to save a higher percentage of their incomes rather than consume.  In an economy with millions of people currently unemployed and unable to get work, it is not a matter of whether to save or buy consumer goods.  It is often a matter of just paying their bills and putting food on the table for their families.  What I’d like to know is how many millions of taxpayer dollars is this wasteful and useful commission going to cost us?

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