The Spinmeisters

by Richard H. Frank

Politics in the United States today has become the province for the “30-second news sound bite.”  Television debates within a 3-minute segment, between commercials, on the nightly news, have become irrational arguments between opposing viewpoints.  This is how the media attempts to influence the majority of Americans by gathering the alleged “facts” upon which they are supposed to create an informed decision.

The political pundits, whether liberal or conservative, Republican, Democrat or Independent, all suffer from the same disease.  The symptoms of “spin doctoring” are as follows:

  • They will never admit a mistake or that their position might be wrong.
  • They cannot bring themselves to answer any question that they may be asked.  They always precede their response with a laundry list of talking points in favor of some policy agenda item.
  • They are masters at extemporaneously creating evidence, real or imagine,  to justify their position.
  • They ignore the opinions of the electorate if they run contrary to their position.
  • Political ideology takes precedence over anything else, including the truth.
  • They can masterfully manipulate the language contained in our Constitution to meet their purpose or defend their position.

Unfortunately, “We the People” have become lazy.  It is often easier to accept what we hear from the media or read in newspaper editorials than to take a few minutes each day to seek the truth.  Should each of us spend 30 minutes each day between now and November, 2010, we could devote 120 hours to educating ourselves on the issues that will either sustain or destroy our magnificent Republic. Gee, I know this would require giving up precious time texting our friends, or tweeting, or heaven forbid, putting down the remote control for the television.

The internet is the greatest depository for information addressing the pros and cons of any issue created since mankind first wrote down its opinions to share with others.  We must take the time to educate ourselves and make informed decisions about policy, legislation and the candidates we will support to be our Congressional representatives in the future.

All the talking heads on television and political pundits we listen to are just spinmeisters who will use whatever means is required to gain your support.  Let us pledge to ourselves that we will take the time to independently make up our minds on what the course of “human events” will be for our nation.

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