No Health Care Mandates or Reconciliation

by Jayne D. Frank

It feels like we keep pounding our heads against a brick wall because no one in Congress is listening to the 65% of Americans that don’t want a massive health care bill and Government intrusion into our lives, but once again it is necessary to remind both Democrats and Republicans in this health care debate, that they work for the People, and the People have spoken!  No massive health care bill, no matter how it is disguised.

As of today, Roll Call reports that Nancy Pelosi is still hell bent on doing a “merged” healthcare bill only through the reconciliation process which requires 51 votes and would shut out debate and participation by the Republicans.  She said that by “educating” the American people  (stupid us!) that the “process” has been used before by both Democrats and Republicans, that it will make reconcilation stink less.  Pelosi is so arrogant that she is completely ignoring the fact that there is a February 25 meeting with President Obama to try and come up with “better ways” to take care of some of the problems with our health care system.  We have written in this blog before, though, that we still feel the February meeting is just a sham and that neither the President or the Democrats have any intention of letting the Republicans present any new ideas which would block passage of a massive Government controlled health care bill; Pelosi’s actions just confirm that point.

I am outraged also that Judd Gregg this morning indicated that he is in favor of mandates to make young Americans and those that are uninsured purchase health care insurance.  Mandates by any other name are still mandates and are unconstitutional. He said he is worried that when young people get sick and go to the doctor or hospital, that those costs are passed along to everyone .  No one disagrees that we should not have to pay for those people, but shouldn’t we start with the extraordinary costs involved in providing healthcare itself, fraud and abuse and tort reform, before talking about mandates.

How about another novel idea?  When my husband was a young man, his mother and father did not have health insurance, but when it was necessary to go to the hospital or doctor, HIS PARENT’S HAD TO PAY.    If this happened just once to a young uninsured person and they knew they would not be off the hook for paying for their care, they WOULD purchase insurance.  It is often a case of laziness and a desire to spend money on other things  with young people; e.g., new electronics, their entertainment and vacations.  Health care is not a right and we cannot continue skirting the issue of personal responsibility in this country.

As far as Nancy Pelosi trying to ram Government-controlled health care down our throats again with reconciliation, PLEASE SPEAK UP fellow Americans.  I know you have been through this for a year and you are tired of saying the same thing over and over, but let your voices be heard loud and clear in Congress that you want honest and fair negotiations on health care fixes that will really work and that you want a full vote in Congress for whatever will come out of the February 25 bill.  Write to your Senators and Representatives, call them, write editorials in your papers, write blogs, and make yourself heard about what you expect Congress to be doing on your behalf.

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  1. Incredible, excellent work! Thank you for writing.

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