Mr. Obama, as Nancy Pelosi said – “Are You Serious?”

by Jayne D. Frank

It boggles the mind that President Obama thinks the American People are so stupid that we cannot see through the ambush he is planning as a disguise to discuss and solve the health care problems with the Republicans and Democrats on February 25.  He set this up at the State of the Union on January 27, and as late as today, none of the Republicans know who is coming to the meeting, and most importantly what the agenda will be.  Obama has only said two revealing things; 1) that he does not intend to “restart” negotiations on the bill, and 2) that if he doesn’t get cooperation from the Republicans in Congress, he will just “move health care forward.”  The Administration reports that there will be a merging of both the Senate and House bills in order to have another final bill for the participants to look at on February 25.  President Obama has said to Republicans “Let’s just go through the bill” as if he intends to actually do this line by line.

Notwithstanding any of this charade, and using Mr. Obama’s frequent words “Let me be Clear,” the American people are not fooled by this impending “setup”.   The Republicans, and a few clear-headed Democrats have heard us over the past year that we don’t want the healthcare legislation crafted in secret because it contains multiple provisions that are harmful, way too expensive, unnecessary and some which are unconstitutional.  We the People are concerned about the few million legal citizens that are truly uninsured (which is nowhere close to 30 million).  People should not be dropped because of an illness nor should anyone not be  covered because of an existing condition.  Medicare is a problem and something must be done to control the spiraling costs of this program.

So hear us President Obama, Republicans and Democrats in Congress.   Televising this dog and pony show will not make it any more acceptable to us.   The people of this Country don’t want big Government health care in any form.  We want you to fix what is wrong, piece by piece, issue by issue and start over.  Buying across state lines, tort reform, tackling Medicare fraud and abuse, taking funding for abortions out of any bill, and tackling fixes for preexisting conditions, are the only things that Congress has authority to do as authorized by the people.  Individual mandates are unconstitutional, and we will not allow the Government to slip illegal citizens health care coverage into a bill under the guise of trying to insure all.

It has been a long year, and we are tired, we are angry and we want you, Mr. President and Congress, to get on with the most pressing business of this country.  And that is to free up the private sector and individuals from the shackles that you are putting on them so that we can get  this Country back to work!  Health care will be, and should be, worked out a small piece at a time.  Government can’t run anything correctly and within the financial parameters that they establish, and we will not allow Government to take over 1/6th of this Country’s economy with a massive healthcare bill, even if we have to vote every one of you out!

Sarah’s Appeal

by Richard H. Frank

Love her or hate her, the undeniable truth is that Sarah Palin has captured the attention and imagination of America.  The media and her political opponents from both major parties don’t quite know what to make of the nationwide phenomenon she has become.  I suggest we take a look at who she is, and what she is not, in order to better understand the polarizing impact she has on our political establishment.

What she is:

  • Sarah Palin is a young, attractive and articulate woman unafraid to speak her mind and challenge those ideas that are counter to her own beliefs.
  • She is a mother that places family above ambition with a strong belief in God and the sanctity of life.
  • She is a staunch defender of the Constitution.
  • She has participated in and supports our American free enterprise system.
  • She is a self-declared maverick willing to take a stand against corruption regardless of its political origin.
  • Her personal life story is that of millions of Americans educated in the public school system, attending college and becoming a productive member of society without having Government to intercede on her behalf to gain an advantage over others.
  • She recognized a need to serve her community, state and nation and has ,with the blessing of her family, answered that call.
  • She has experience running a small business as well as being Chief Executive in Alaska’s state government.

What she is not:

  • Sarah is not a member of the elite political establishment.
  • She is not an academic or legal scholar.
  • Thankfully, she is not a lawyer.
  • She is not a skilled orator able to transfix the masses with soaring rhetoric.
  • She does not engage in political double speak to avoid giving straight answers to questions on real issues.
  • She is not afraid to acknowledge what areas in Government that she is least qualified to address at this point.
  • She is not afraid to admit a mistake or say she was wrong.

In short, Sarah Palin is a quintessential American and feared by the progressive media and the political elite in Washington.  Someone that the average citizen can relate to.  When she speaks her mind she says what many people believe but lack a platform to express.

With regard to the question as to her qualifications to become President, it can be argued she is as qualified as Barack Obama was when he ran as a candidate beginning in 2006.

If she chooses to run in 2012, can she be elected?  Only time will tell.  In the interim, her message as a Constitutional Conservative seems to be gaining more and more acceptance across America.