Tea Party Movement Underestimated

by Richard H. Frank

If we are to believe the political pundits that we see on television, then the Tea Party organizations, 912ers, Freedom Works and other conservative grass roots movements are just a novelty and will fade away as quicky as they appeared.  They, like leaders in the Republican and Democratic parties, are tone-deaf to the electorate.    The message is loud and clear for anyone willing to listen.  We the People are awake and have exhausted our patience with elitist representatives in Congress and in the White House that arrogantly think they know what is best for America.

These movements represent a “new revolution” that will be waged at the ballot box for generations to come.  America is becoming re-educated in the principles enumerated in our “Declaration of Independence” and the “Constitution” that make our citizenry sovereign over the Government.  Washington and our State Legislatures work for the people, not the other way around.  The platform upon which the movement, that I call “Constitutional Conservatism” is, simply stated, as supporting:

  • Limited Federal Government
  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • Restoration of Balance of Powers – State to Federal Government; i.e., the 10th Amendment
  • Free Enterprise System
  • The National Defense
  • An Independent National Energy Policy
  • sovereignty of “We the People”

Such a platform can and should be adopted by either party if they expect to represent their constituents.  Remember the Office of President is not that of a monarch and Congress is not a body of aristocratic royalty having dominion over the populous.  We do not support a Third Party but only representation by candidates for office in favor of our principles.

The Media, Congress and the White House will continue to dismiss this “Constitutional Conservative” movement as “noise” in the overall scheme in political discourse.  They do so, however, at their own peril.

2 Responses

  1. The most comprehensive info I have found on this subject on the net. Will be back soon to follow up.

  2. See our 2/10/10 blog on the subject of Sarah Palin.

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