Looking for a Reason to be Optimistic

by Richard H. Frank

This past weekend, my wife commented, while reviewing the content of our blogs, that there were many subjects to approach critically but few to be optimistic about.  Her observation was spot on, but considering my opinions are that of a “Constitutional conservative,” it is difficult to find very much in President Obama’s agenda about which to be optimistic.

Today’s announcement that the 2010 budget deficit will reach $1.6 trillion and his 2011 budget submission is now $3.8 trillion with its projected deficit at $1.4 trillion is indicative of unconstrained political spending and does nothing to address our dire financial situation in America.  The President insists that his fiscal policies are an investment in America’s future.  The real question is “How can we invest in anything with money we don’t have?”  His answer is just borrow and increase the burden of debt on future generations of Americans.  Obama’s policies are fundamentally flawed in that we cannot spend our way to prosperity.

There was, however, one event that took place on Saturday, January 30, that gives me reason to be optimistic.  A town hall meeting entitled “Reviving the Constitution”, sponsored by Hillsdale College, was attended by 33,000 people via an in-person and live internet presentation.  This program consisted of 5 presentations prepared to give the viewer a refresher course in our founding principles enumerated in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

Session I “America’s Founding Principles” was presented by Dr. David J. Bobb

Session II “The Founder’s Constitution” was presented by Dr. Matthew Spalding.

Session III “The Constitution and the Civil War” was given by Dr. Paul Moreno

Session IV “The Administrative State and the Duties of Citizens” was presented by Dr. Larry P. Arnn.

You may see the archived videos of each presentation online by visiting http://tvworldwide.com/events/hillsdale/100130.  Your time  will be well spent in understanding why our Constitution is relevant today and how progressive ideology is directly contrary to the founding principles that made America the greatest country on earth.  Dr. Arnn especially emphasized the duty of the citizen to address their Congress and President each time they put forward a piece of legislation or agenda that was not accountable and held to the Constitution.

Recent events have ignited a grass-roots movement in this Country to return to a representative Republic form of government and a restrained federal presence, limiting powers to those defined in the Constitution.

Congress and the Executive Branch of our government have continually exceeded their authority in direct opposition to the Constitution.  It has taken the progressives 70 years to move the republic closer to socialism and ultimate tyranny.  The grass-roots movement to return to the founder’s vision of government cannot be achieved in one election or through one piece of legislation, but can only be realized by the consistent, patient pursuit of elected representatives that support restoration of the Constitution.

The Tea Party Patriots, 912 groups, Freedom works and Resistnet, among many others, all are aligned in their efforts to return government to “We The People,” who are the real sovereigns in America.  For me, this is the single most compelling reason to be optimistic while we stumble through the current quagmire called Washington Politics.

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