Faith, Hope and Charity

by Richard H.  Frank

Faith, Hope and Charity, much like three legs of a stool, are the pillars that form the foundation for stability upon which our Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution.

“Faith,” a belief in a supreme creator, commonly shared by all the Founders, was the basis for recognizing Natural Law as remaining unaltered by the intervention of man.  Therefore, unalienable rights could only flow from the Creator (God) and not from man. Among those rights are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

“Hope,” was the principled belief that drove the pilgrims and the puritans from Europe to a new world, free to worship as they wished without the oppressive hand of government established through “the divine right of kings.”  Hope was the driving force that motivated developments of the territories and the western frontier.

“Charity,” is the ethos that a man was responsible, as directed by God, to care for his family first, followed by his neighbors and those in need in the community.  He could share the fruits of his labor as he saw fit in any amount and for any cause of his own choosing.

These three pillars served to support our Constitution and over the first 150 years allowed for the birth of a “new nation under God with liberty and justice for all.”

The Founders would marvel at the growth and prosperity experienced in these young United States of America under this experiment in self-government called our Representative Republic.

Shortly after the turn of the 20th Century, social progressives began a slow steady assault upon the Constitution using covert methods to attack and erode the pillars of faith, hope and charity.

The issue of “separation of church and state” has been distorted beyond recognition by the social progressives. Originally intended as a prohibition against establishment of a “state religion,” it has now been interpreted to preclude acknowledgment of any religious symbol, teachings or writings in public-funded institutions.  This country once proudly proclaimed itself as a Christian nation having its roots in Judeo-Christian law.  Today the secular progressives want any reference to God erased from public view.  They have gone so far as to insist that “In God We Trust” be removed from our currency.  Over 90% of Americans profess a belief in God, yet we allow the minority to step on the rights of the majority. Today, those in our enlightened society who dare to call upon god and adherence to divine law are castigated as religious zealots.

As for “hope,” the progressive movement has successfully suppressed the inclination of the individual to provide a better life for his children than for himself.  Overreaction to the civil rights issues in the 1960s resulted in imposed quotas for minority hiring in the public sector, affirmative action programs in our schools and universities and a general dumbing down of the educational system in America.  Many young deserving individuals were denied the opportunity that would otherwise have been available to them.  Ultimately reverse discrimination resulted.  In today’s toxic environment anyone challenging continuation of these progressive policies is quickly labeled a “racist.”

“Charity” is now synonymous with social welfare.  Progressive legislation has moved responsibility from individuals to care for his family and the needy in the community to the public rolls in the form of welfare.  The “nanny state” policy of “cradle to grave” welfare has created a monster in the form of “unfunded mandates” that have grown enormously since 1960.  Programs like aid for dependent children, extending social security benefits beyond its original intent to dependants and surviving spouses and the disabled, no matter how well intentioned, will serve as the slow death of this Republic.  We have created a segment of American society totally reliant on the “welfare state” for their daily subsistence.

Today, government is further infringing on our individual freedoms by mandating health care as a “right.”  Environmentalists want to legislate the amount of water used to flush your toilet.  The food police are now regulating the amount of trans fat and salt we may consume.  Whatever happened to personal responsibility?  “Big Brother” is alive and well in the form of a liberal Congress hell bent on controlling each and every aspect of our life.

The Founders would not recognize the difference between the America of 1920 and that of 2010.  They did, however, provide a mechanism within our Constitution to change this disastrous course we find ourselves taking.  “We the People” retain the power, under the Constitution, to change leadership in our representative Republic.  Should we fail to act to change this government, we will have no one to blame but ourselves.

Get involved, restore and strengthen the pillars that support our Constitution – “Faith, Hope and Charity.”

Gitmo-Ready to Assist in Haiti’s Plight?

by Richard H. Frank

During the 1950s and 60s the naval base located at Guantanamo bay, Cuba, served as the caribbean supply depot for the entire atlantic fleet.  The base was comprised of a self-suppporting infrastructure, the envy of any small town in America.

There were port facilities, an airport, hospital, and housing to feed and accommodate naval personnel and their families.  The highway and roadway system reached across the breath of the island.  There were power distribution facilities and a 1,000,000 gallon per day sea water desalination system serving the base.  It was only a short hop from Gitmo to Haiti.  Haiti was a favorite liberty port for the ship’s company on Gitmo.

Guantanemo today is only known for the terrorist detention center located at Camp  Freedom.  If our government has assessed and has had the foresight not to let this fabulous asset decay over time, Guantanemo may be the perfect place to assist those Haitians displaced by the recent earthquake.

The hospital ship “Comfort” sailed from Baltimore today and will take six days to arrive before help to the injured will arrive.  Hopefully the Administration has examined the parallel action to staff the facilities at Gitmo and shorten the time for aid by bringing the injured to us as opposed to us bringing aid to them.

May God bless all those impacted by this tragedy in Haiti and all of the responders and volunteers now in harm’s way attempting to aid the victims.

For the First Time in My Life, I am Ashamed of my Government

by Jayne D. Frank

With all of the distraction of the horrible plight and suffering of the Haitian people happening this weekend, I wake up not just to this news, but also to the news  once again, in the secrecy of closed door meetings in Washington, with abject continued disregard to the American people’s voice, that another “deal” has been struck to exempt unions from a tax on their cadillac plans. Notwithstanding the fact that our Military will once again do an exemplary job of organizing, feeding and caring for the Haitian people,  Obama cannot stop  himself anymore in  his simultaneous arrogant push to get this healthcare bill pushed through.  Not only is this covert action on the part of the President going to cause the remainder of Americans that are not in the unions to absorb this extra cost, but the Administration and Congress continually disregard and ignore the American Voice.  This Voice is now approximately 75%, and the majority of Americans do not want this health care legislation shoved down our throats.  Who are these people not in the “inner circle” of privileges granted by Obama and Congress?  They are small business owners and employees, entrepreneurs, average Americans working for corporations all across this country, professionals such as real estate agents,  engineers, retail workers, clerks, restaurant owners and their customers, and most of all the millions of senior citizens in this country (your mother and father) – virtually everyone that can will not be able to take one more “tax” on their earnings such as this is going to cause.  You know that the CBO is given whatever numbers Congress wants them to see, so they will not judge this new “secret exemption” as adding adding another dollar to the deficit, the “line in the sand” which Obama said he would not cross.

At the end of the day, despite our calling the government out on these “atrocities”, this health care legislation is probably going to pass, and our only recourse will continue to be to vote the bums out of office.  But in the meantime, our already record number of foreclosures will continue to climb.  People are struggling to pay their mortgages because they  are experiencing climbing costs of insuring, educating and feeding their families and many have lost a paycheck in the family.  Insurance companies will either start gouging seniors and others immediately or start accelerating their efforts to “drop” people they don’t want, before those portions of the bill take effect. Lastly, the economy will continue to spiral downward as people and companies become ever more fearful of their future and don’t spend the money so desperately needed to be put back into the economy.

Obama’s dream of redistribution of wealth by his Administration is truly becoming a reality unless something is done, and I am “for the first time in my life, ashamed of my Government.”

2007-The Year Our Government Swallowed Free Enterprise

by Richard H. Frank

Article I, Section 8 of our Constitution grants congress the power to lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts and excises to pay the debts and provide for the defense and general welfare of the United States.

Over the past 70 years, the Congress and Executive branches of government have extended their power far beyond the intent of the Founders.  Social legislation with mandates that have resulted in unfunded obligations have increased the national debt by a multiple exceeding 23000 times since 1960.

Each piece of legislation increased the size and scope of government .  The cost to support this growth could only come from those sources enumerated in the Constitution.  Our nation, possessing the economic engine for growth of the gross national product (GNP) was able to support the insatiable appetite for spending that resided in Congress.  The unseen, insidious and probably unintended consequence of these actions was the shrinking gap between the GNP  producing private sector and the government sector  payrolls in the United States.

As the government sector grows, taxes on the private sector must be increased to support the growth in payroll   costs associated with bigger government or the nation’s GNP must grow to support these costs.

Today the average annual salary for government employees has ballooned to just under $79,000 while private sector is  just $41,000.  What is even more critical is the fact that government payrolls have exceeded the private sector manufacturing and construction segments in 2007 and continue to rise out of control.

Government contends that the increases in productivity in American will be sufficient to control the revenue gap between the private and government segments of the economy. The fallacy to this argument is that productivity increases are not infinite, and if we treat them as such, we will destroy free enterprise and kill the goose that laid the golden egg.

Like a snake that swallows its own tail, government will slowly devour the producing free enterprise system until it can no longer support itself.  Should this happen we will have transformed the United States of America from a free democratic Republic to a tyrannical marxist country.

Pending legislation like Cap & Trade, Immigration Reform and government controlled health care represents  three more bites by the big government serpent in devouring itself and the eventual demise of our Republic.  Stand up and say “NO” to our elected representatives who support this slow suicide for our nation!

Shame on the JAG and Obama!

by Jayne D. Frank

On January 19, 2010, without intervention of the President and despite hundreds of thousands of outraged Americans’ pleas, another travesty of justice will occur under Obama’s watch that is directly attributable to the appeasement attitude of the current Administration.  Regardless of the outcome, the mere fact that three highly-trained and revered Navy Seals will be brought to trial for doing their job, is an abomination.

Let’s not ever forget, Admed Hashim Abed was the mastermind of the burning, dragging and hanging on a bridge in Fallujah in 2004 of four Blackwater USA security guards.   These were sons, husbands and fathers of our neighbors. Matthew McCabe, Petty Officer Jonathan Keefe and Petty Officer Julio Huertas were under orders from their commanding officer to find and capture this murderer and terrorist.  They did their jobs – they took an oath to “obey the orders of the officers appointed over (them)” and their mission was accomplished.

For this, they deserve our congratulations and thanks from a grateful nation.  Once tried and convicted, Admed Hashim Abed would no longer be able to coordinate any other atrocities against the young men and women fighting the war for us in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The President should hang his head in shame now for the upcoming trial on January 19, 2010; it never should have gone that far.  This terrorist was trained, if captured, to say that he was abused, and so he did.  Whether his lip was swollen or his stomach punched, is something that will never be known and in fact, it could have been done by the Iraqi officials to whom he was first turned over.  He was NOT tortured in any manner!  He is a terrorist and an enemy combatant.

These brave young men have chosen to face a military court martial so that they can tell their story, but even if acquitted, their reputations and careers will always be smeared because this President in his continued apologies to the World community and his denial that we ARE at war, have condemned these men to jeers and insults from those that agree with Obama.  Why should any enlisted man, officer, CIA agent or officer, or any other person  involved in the war, not be afraid that any legitimate actions they may take in following orders will be subject to this same slap in the face?

It was reported that the lawyers defending McCabe, Keefe and Huertas have not been given, nor will they be given the documents and interviews for discovery that they need to defend these men. The accused may not be able to face their accuser, Admed Hashim Abed, because at this point he may have been given more rights as an enemy competent than our American soldiers.   We all need to pray for these men if this court martial proceeds. Better yet, President Obama, as Commander in Chief, should stop this circus now and award them the group citation that they so honorably deserve.  These proceedings are an insult to every serving member of the military as well as every veteran of service in the United States!

Gullible America

by Richard H. Frank

My dear departed mother counseled me that “there was no such thing as a free lunch.”  Her advice is especially true with regard to our government.  Whenever you hear the words “I’m from the Government and I’m here to help you,” keep your hands on your wallet, purse and bank account.

Typically each promise of “help” comes with undisclosed strings.  Take for instance, the highly popular “Cash for Clunker’s” program.  Most people who took advantage of the $4500 tax credit are not aware that this might still be subject to sales tax, depending on where you live.

How about the  First Time Homebuyer Credit?  Hidden in your 2009 Income Tax Filing is a question asking if you took the credit.  If you did, the hidden provision is that you will be required to pay back $500/year in the form of a tax starting with your filing of the 2010 return.

For those Americans in favor of the “Affordable Health Care” legislation now in Congress, beware of unintended consequences.  The claims being made that passage of the bill will extend coverage to 30 million Americans, reduce costs to individuals, improve access to services and not add to the national deficit, are at best misleading and at worst outright lies.  Common sense tells us that coverage cannot be increased without either reducing services for everyone or increasing costs for everyone.  The utopian idea that we can have our “cake and eat it too” is totally unrealistic.  The ex-Governor, Rod Blagojevich, uses an appropriate term to describe such thinking.  Stupid, stupid, stupid!

The old adage to “beware Greeks bearing gifts,” is especially true with regard to our Government’s promises. Bailouts, stimulus and corporate takeovers and out of control spending  continue, all paid for by taxes on our children and grandchildren, foretell the future for a gullible America.  If nothing is done to change the direction of Congress and the President’s agenda to “fundamentally change America,” may I suggest we just “bend over, grab our ankles and hang on” for a very dangerous ride.  I think it is time we all wake up and face reality!

Integrity-Absent in Washington

by Richard H. Frank

Transparency, openness, bi-partisanship and a new way of doing business are all too familiar promises included in the rhetoric of political candidates while on the campaign trail. Amnesia seems to set in once they assume the office they have been elected to occupy. This affliction extends from the President through the Senate and throughout the House of Representatives. Perhaps we should develop a vaccine and inoculate all candidates against this malady during their campaign. Unfortunately, party ideology, special interests and corruption seem to infect the legislative process and they revert to business as usual.

The classic example of this is the Health Care Legislation reconciliation process currently being undertaken in Washington. The process to date has been characterized as being non-partisan, fraught with special interests influence, back room deals and manipulation of costs in order to meet hurdles for implementation.

We all witnessed candidate Obama’s promise of open access to the legislative process through coverage on CSPAN and the internet, followed by five days posting of that legislation for public view before any vote is taken by Congress. If we ask the average citizen what they think about the proposed legislation the overwhelming comment is that, “we don’t know enough about the 2500+page bill to comment”. When members of Congress are challenged about the process the response is, “if we allowed the reconciliation to be made public we would never pass anything”. Nancy Pelosi says that no bill has ever had the transparency that health care reform has over the past year. Her comment related to the President’s comments about the legislative process being made public is less than inspiring when she says, “a lot of things are said on the campaign trail”. Comments like these certainly inspire confidence that Congress will represent their constituents.

Harry Reid wears his backroom deals to buy votes for the legislation like a badge of honor. His comments demean those Senators that did not extort favors for their state as not smart enough to capitalize on their position for their constituents. Extortion in the public sector is criminal. According to Reid it is just business in Washington. I think Harry needs a refresher course on the Constitution along with Mary Landrieu and Ben Nelson.

President Obama has pledged that he will not sign any legislation that adds one single dime to the deficit. Pelosi and Reid have manipulated the assumptions given to the CBO in order to meet Obama’s pledge. Removal of the 285 billion DOC pay provision and transferring it to the budget where it will add to the deficit coupled with the sweetheart deal on Medicaid for Nebraska are perhaps the most glaring examples of the FIX being in. These maneuvers coupled with the assumed revenues from penalties for the non- insured and 550 Billion in cuts to Medicare that will not occur make the process a sham. Yet Pelosi, Reid and President Obama stand up with a straight face and regurgitate these lies. I guess Integrity doesn’t appear in the Congressional dictionary. So Mr. President, here is the definition of INTERGITY should you need a reminder.

“Adherence to moral and ethical principled; soundness of moral character; honesty.

Americans truly believe that Congress is hiding something and once the truth is known we will revolt against this administration and Congress. With an overall approval rating of 20% Congress is the least trusted legislative body in recent memory.  Health Care Reform is opposed by more than 60% of Americans and passage of the legislation is viewed as “taxing with non-representation”.

I think the question posed to Senator Joe McCarthy in the 1950’s is appropriate to be asked today. Senator, have you no shame?