Loss of Respect for the Man Equals Loss of Respect for the Office He Holds

by Richard H. Frank

Lee Iococca recently asked “where have all the Leaders Gone?”  It is difficult to find anyone in either political party possessing the personal integrity to stand in support of the Constitution that  they have sworn to protect and defend.  Party ideology and affiliation overrides the wants and needs of the electorate.  Special interests, corruption and manipulation of the Constitutional intent of the Founders has diminished and replaced our representative Republic.

Campaign slogans and promises evaporate in the light of day when real leadership for governance is required.  Pandering to their political base has replaced the true legislative process on both sides of the congressional aisle.  The honesty, integrity and truthfulness of our elected leaders establishes the world view of the United States.  When politicians disrespect the electorate, they as  individuals lose the respect of their constituents.  Eventually, that loss of respect carries over to the office they hold and results in disrespect for our nation around the world.

Today the legislative and executive branches of our government have achieved a new low in respect by those they purport to represent.  Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and yes, even President Obama, are masters at manipulating the truth, creating unsubstantiated statistics to support their  agenda and political double speak when addressing “We the People.” We dare not call their statements lies for fear of disrespecting the office they hold or being called racist, but should just sit down and politely shut up. I am all for civility within political discourse but when our constitutional rights are at risk I say enough is enough.

I for one am tired of the non-stop campaigning with promises of transparency, job creation and the nanny state taking care of us from cradle to grave.  Personal responsiblity is considered a radical philosophy within the lexicon of President Obama’s and the 111st Congress’ agenda.

The State of the Union address needs to be fact checked by every major media outlet in America to expose the false statements and hold those that perpetuate them  accountable to the American voter.  Nancy Pelosi’s stubborn assertions that she will pass the democratic health bill further diminishes her already miserable standing with the people.

Photo-ops and standing up in front of the television cameras imploring Congress to “just get along” flies in the face of the facts concerning bi-partisanship, transparancy and backroom dealings as a new way of doing business in Washington.

The real “grass-roots American political activists” must keep up the pressure on the two major political parties and rally independent voters to help and clean house in the 2010 and 2012 elections.  Restore Government under our Constitution as a truly representative Republic for “We the People.”