Faith, Hope and Charity

by Richard H.  Frank

Faith, Hope and Charity, much like three legs of a stool, are the pillars that form the foundation for stability upon which our Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution.

“Faith,” a belief in a supreme creator, commonly shared by all the Founders, was the basis for recognizing Natural Law as remaining unaltered by the intervention of man.  Therefore, unalienable rights could only flow from the Creator (God) and not from man. Among those rights are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

“Hope,” was the principled belief that drove the pilgrims and the puritans from Europe to a new world, free to worship as they wished without the oppressive hand of government established through “the divine right of kings.”  Hope was the driving force that motivated developments of the territories and the western frontier.

“Charity,” is the ethos that a man was responsible, as directed by God, to care for his family first, followed by his neighbors and those in need in the community.  He could share the fruits of his labor as he saw fit in any amount and for any cause of his own choosing.

These three pillars served to support our Constitution and over the first 150 years allowed for the birth of a “new nation under God with liberty and justice for all.”

The Founders would marvel at the growth and prosperity experienced in these young United States of America under this experiment in self-government called our Representative Republic.

Shortly after the turn of the 20th Century, social progressives began a slow steady assault upon the Constitution using covert methods to attack and erode the pillars of faith, hope and charity.

The issue of “separation of church and state” has been distorted beyond recognition by the social progressives. Originally intended as a prohibition against establishment of a “state religion,” it has now been interpreted to preclude acknowledgment of any religious symbol, teachings or writings in public-funded institutions.  This country once proudly proclaimed itself as a Christian nation having its roots in Judeo-Christian law.  Today the secular progressives want any reference to God erased from public view.  They have gone so far as to insist that “In God We Trust” be removed from our currency.  Over 90% of Americans profess a belief in God, yet we allow the minority to step on the rights of the majority. Today, those in our enlightened society who dare to call upon god and adherence to divine law are castigated as religious zealots.

As for “hope,” the progressive movement has successfully suppressed the inclination of the individual to provide a better life for his children than for himself.  Overreaction to the civil rights issues in the 1960s resulted in imposed quotas for minority hiring in the public sector, affirmative action programs in our schools and universities and a general dumbing down of the educational system in America.  Many young deserving individuals were denied the opportunity that would otherwise have been available to them.  Ultimately reverse discrimination resulted.  In today’s toxic environment anyone challenging continuation of these progressive policies is quickly labeled a “racist.”

“Charity” is now synonymous with social welfare.  Progressive legislation has moved responsibility from individuals to care for his family and the needy in the community to the public rolls in the form of welfare.  The “nanny state” policy of “cradle to grave” welfare has created a monster in the form of “unfunded mandates” that have grown enormously since 1960.  Programs like aid for dependent children, extending social security benefits beyond its original intent to dependants and surviving spouses and the disabled, no matter how well intentioned, will serve as the slow death of this Republic.  We have created a segment of American society totally reliant on the “welfare state” for their daily subsistence.

Today, government is further infringing on our individual freedoms by mandating health care as a “right.”  Environmentalists want to legislate the amount of water used to flush your toilet.  The food police are now regulating the amount of trans fat and salt we may consume.  Whatever happened to personal responsibility?  “Big Brother” is alive and well in the form of a liberal Congress hell bent on controlling each and every aspect of our life.

The Founders would not recognize the difference between the America of 1920 and that of 2010.  They did, however, provide a mechanism within our Constitution to change this disastrous course we find ourselves taking.  “We the People” retain the power, under the Constitution, to change leadership in our representative Republic.  Should we fail to act to change this government, we will have no one to blame but ourselves.

Get involved, restore and strengthen the pillars that support our Constitution – “Faith, Hope and Charity.”

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