Gitmo-Ready to Assist in Haiti’s Plight?

by Richard H. Frank

During the 1950s and 60s the naval base located at Guantanamo bay, Cuba, served as the caribbean supply depot for the entire atlantic fleet.  The base was comprised of a self-suppporting infrastructure, the envy of any small town in America.

There were port facilities, an airport, hospital, and housing to feed and accommodate naval personnel and their families.  The highway and roadway system reached across the breath of the island.  There were power distribution facilities and a 1,000,000 gallon per day sea water desalination system serving the base.  It was only a short hop from Gitmo to Haiti.  Haiti was a favorite liberty port for the ship’s company on Gitmo.

Guantanemo today is only known for the terrorist detention center located at Camp  Freedom.  If our government has assessed and has had the foresight not to let this fabulous asset decay over time, Guantanemo may be the perfect place to assist those Haitians displaced by the recent earthquake.

The hospital ship “Comfort” sailed from Baltimore today and will take six days to arrive before help to the injured will arrive.  Hopefully the Administration has examined the parallel action to staff the facilities at Gitmo and shorten the time for aid by bringing the injured to us as opposed to us bringing aid to them.

May God bless all those impacted by this tragedy in Haiti and all of the responders and volunteers now in harm’s way attempting to aid the victims.

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