For the First Time in My Life, I am Ashamed of my Government

by Jayne D. Frank

With all of the distraction of the horrible plight and suffering of the Haitian people happening this weekend, I wake up not just to this news, but also to the news  once again, in the secrecy of closed door meetings in Washington, with abject continued disregard to the American people’s voice, that another “deal” has been struck to exempt unions from a tax on their cadillac plans. Notwithstanding the fact that our Military will once again do an exemplary job of organizing, feeding and caring for the Haitian people,  Obama cannot stop  himself anymore in  his simultaneous arrogant push to get this healthcare bill pushed through.  Not only is this covert action on the part of the President going to cause the remainder of Americans that are not in the unions to absorb this extra cost, but the Administration and Congress continually disregard and ignore the American Voice.  This Voice is now approximately 75%, and the majority of Americans do not want this health care legislation shoved down our throats.  Who are these people not in the “inner circle” of privileges granted by Obama and Congress?  They are small business owners and employees, entrepreneurs, average Americans working for corporations all across this country, professionals such as real estate agents,  engineers, retail workers, clerks, restaurant owners and their customers, and most of all the millions of senior citizens in this country (your mother and father) – virtually everyone that can will not be able to take one more “tax” on their earnings such as this is going to cause.  You know that the CBO is given whatever numbers Congress wants them to see, so they will not judge this new “secret exemption” as adding adding another dollar to the deficit, the “line in the sand” which Obama said he would not cross.

At the end of the day, despite our calling the government out on these “atrocities”, this health care legislation is probably going to pass, and our only recourse will continue to be to vote the bums out of office.  But in the meantime, our already record number of foreclosures will continue to climb.  People are struggling to pay their mortgages because they  are experiencing climbing costs of insuring, educating and feeding their families and many have lost a paycheck in the family.  Insurance companies will either start gouging seniors and others immediately or start accelerating their efforts to “drop” people they don’t want, before those portions of the bill take effect. Lastly, the economy will continue to spiral downward as people and companies become ever more fearful of their future and don’t spend the money so desperately needed to be put back into the economy.

Obama’s dream of redistribution of wealth by his Administration is truly becoming a reality unless something is done, and I am “for the first time in my life, ashamed of my Government.”

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  1. This so called government is so far from what the true AMERICAN believes it was established to be. Government for the people and more importantly of the people. We are being transformed before our eyes into something we don’t believe in. We MUST be HEARD. The way to do it is VOTE EVERYONE of them OUT. It is starting in Mass. with Brown keep praying for the independents to take a stand there. They the independents, did a great deal to get bho elected. Now lets see what they will do now. Will they take a stand for Liberty or cave in again? This is the TIME for them to take a stand for the country. The union is moving in pelosi is sending every means possible. Their corruption is so obvious I just hope the voters see it for what it is the destruction of our values and the belief that WE THE PEOPLE still hold the power. Special interests in this administration is running the show. These people have no SHAME. Stand up independents in Mass. and send a VERY CLEAR MESSAGE, WE THE PEOPLE ARE NUT UP FOR SALE

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