Shame on the JAG and Obama!

by Jayne D. Frank

On January 19, 2010, without intervention of the President and despite hundreds of thousands of outraged Americans’ pleas, another travesty of justice will occur under Obama’s watch that is directly attributable to the appeasement attitude of the current Administration.  Regardless of the outcome, the mere fact that three highly-trained and revered Navy Seals will be brought to trial for doing their job, is an abomination.

Let’s not ever forget, Admed Hashim Abed was the mastermind of the burning, dragging and hanging on a bridge in Fallujah in 2004 of four Blackwater USA security guards.   These were sons, husbands and fathers of our neighbors. Matthew McCabe, Petty Officer Jonathan Keefe and Petty Officer Julio Huertas were under orders from their commanding officer to find and capture this murderer and terrorist.  They did their jobs – they took an oath to “obey the orders of the officers appointed over (them)” and their mission was accomplished.

For this, they deserve our congratulations and thanks from a grateful nation.  Once tried and convicted, Admed Hashim Abed would no longer be able to coordinate any other atrocities against the young men and women fighting the war for us in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The President should hang his head in shame now for the upcoming trial on January 19, 2010; it never should have gone that far.  This terrorist was trained, if captured, to say that he was abused, and so he did.  Whether his lip was swollen or his stomach punched, is something that will never be known and in fact, it could have been done by the Iraqi officials to whom he was first turned over.  He was NOT tortured in any manner!  He is a terrorist and an enemy combatant.

These brave young men have chosen to face a military court martial so that they can tell their story, but even if acquitted, their reputations and careers will always be smeared because this President in his continued apologies to the World community and his denial that we ARE at war, have condemned these men to jeers and insults from those that agree with Obama.  Why should any enlisted man, officer, CIA agent or officer, or any other person  involved in the war, not be afraid that any legitimate actions they may take in following orders will be subject to this same slap in the face?

It was reported that the lawyers defending McCabe, Keefe and Huertas have not been given, nor will they be given the documents and interviews for discovery that they need to defend these men. The accused may not be able to face their accuser, Admed Hashim Abed, because at this point he may have been given more rights as an enemy competent than our American soldiers.   We all need to pray for these men if this court martial proceeds. Better yet, President Obama, as Commander in Chief, should stop this circus now and award them the group citation that they so honorably deserve.  These proceedings are an insult to every serving member of the military as well as every veteran of service in the United States!

Gullible America

by Richard H. Frank

My dear departed mother counseled me that “there was no such thing as a free lunch.”  Her advice is especially true with regard to our government.  Whenever you hear the words “I’m from the Government and I’m here to help you,” keep your hands on your wallet, purse and bank account.

Typically each promise of “help” comes with undisclosed strings.  Take for instance, the highly popular “Cash for Clunker’s” program.  Most people who took advantage of the $4500 tax credit are not aware that this might still be subject to sales tax, depending on where you live.

How about the  First Time Homebuyer Credit?  Hidden in your 2009 Income Tax Filing is a question asking if you took the credit.  If you did, the hidden provision is that you will be required to pay back $500/year in the form of a tax starting with your filing of the 2010 return.

For those Americans in favor of the “Affordable Health Care” legislation now in Congress, beware of unintended consequences.  The claims being made that passage of the bill will extend coverage to 30 million Americans, reduce costs to individuals, improve access to services and not add to the national deficit, are at best misleading and at worst outright lies.  Common sense tells us that coverage cannot be increased without either reducing services for everyone or increasing costs for everyone.  The utopian idea that we can have our “cake and eat it too” is totally unrealistic.  The ex-Governor, Rod Blagojevich, uses an appropriate term to describe such thinking.  Stupid, stupid, stupid!

The old adage to “beware Greeks bearing gifts,” is especially true with regard to our Government’s promises. Bailouts, stimulus and corporate takeovers and out of control spending  continue, all paid for by taxes on our children and grandchildren, foretell the future for a gullible America.  If nothing is done to change the direction of Congress and the President’s agenda to “fundamentally change America,” may I suggest we just “bend over, grab our ankles and hang on” for a very dangerous ride.  I think it is time we all wake up and face reality!