Message from God to Al Gore

Dear Al, you may think that “man” is impacting the planet’s environment and leading to Armageddon.  The real “inconvenient truth” is man’s impact on “my universe” amounts to a grain of sand, compared to all the beaches on the planet.  I know you have achieved your 15 minutes of fame and amassed a fortune pedaling your misrepresentation of my handy work .  So I would like to share some real information with you that you so conveniently left out of your essay.

1.   The real planet’s warming and cooling cycles occur over long periods of time.  May I say longer than you, or any human currently on earth, will experience.

2.   I know it is difficult for you and your lackies to explain why warming has not continued over the past decade.  Al, don’t even try as I work in mysterious ways.

3.   If you happen to venture out of your palatial estate, you may notice that it is very cold outside.  Frost on the pumpkin and ice on the pond means it is colder and has been for the past two years.

4.   Al, what did you think 30 years ago, in the 1970s, when your genius mouthpieces predicted the coming ice age?  I’ll bet just like “chicken little” you were among the chorus fermenting predictions of the coming deep freezes.  Did you invest in oil futures?

When I created Man, I gave him two great gifts; that of intellect and the ability to reason.  Man has used these gifts for good and also for destructive purposes.  Each time he thinks he “knows it all” and is smarter than his Creator, I have to nudge man’s universe “ever so slightly” to bring him back to Me and reality.  If you ever doubt this, examine the extinction of the dinosaurs.  There was no carbon footprint from them, save an occasional dino fart, nor none from the insignificant creatures called “man” to affect climate change.  Over the millenia it is my divine intervention in events that has shaped the world.  So who are you to arrogantly assume the future rests in the hands (and pocketbooks) of mere mortals?

It would be laughable, were it not for the fact that you and others of your ilk have exploited “my will” to your own benefit.  This included manipulating temperature data.  Thankfully, I am a forgiving God and will take your misguided manipulative and devious actions into account when we finally meet face to face.

My Best Personal Regards,


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  1. Wow, I love this! How very true 🙂

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